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Getting Yoked This Winter


The way I read his comment was “the use for rack pulls [for me] is XYZ”

This might just boil down to a language/cultural barrier. When people ask me about squats, I tell them that their use is an assistance exercise for my deads and leg drive, and I’m sure that would cheese off some powerlifters who have it as a competition lift.


Don’t think of it like “stretching” that you might do to warm up for gymnastics.

Think of it more like using weights to lengthen the muscle, then holding it in a contraction.

Youd be getting Mechanical Tension (weight) Metabolic Stress ( holding the traps prevents blow flowing in or out) and Muscle Damage ( you’re kinda doing an extended super slow shrug negative). You’re getting all 3 scientifically accepted mechanisms for muscle growth. In one exercise.


I’ve trained my traps like 3 times in my entire life


Big traps would ruin the Spring Onion aesthetics.


Haha! Well remembered


There’s a different thread in this forum
for this heinous admission, you neglectful bastard.


I think what you said could make sense except for the metabolic stress part.

There is no metabolic stress in traps during Rack pulls (at least nowhere near that of proper metabolic stress techniques).


Well I’m grabbing some popcorn and going to sit in the corner :sunglasses:


Well, that’s just like, your opinion man.

Another guys opinion;

“The beautiful thing about isometric contractions in regards to metabolic stress is that they literally drive fluid into your muscle while inhibiting any of it from leaving. Think about it like putting a kink in a hose without turning off the faucet. The incoming blood flow doesn’t stop, and there is nowhere for the rest of the fluid to go. The intracellular pressure will obviously increase, as will the concentration of our crucial metabolites. Increased pressure+more metabolites= grow time baby.”

-Dr John Rush in
“Maximizing Metabolic Stress with Intensity Techniques for Hypertrophy.”
drjohnrushin .


I am aware of what isometric contractions do and nowhere in my post did I say they themselves aren’t good for muscle growth.

What I believe though, is that the rack pull isn’t a good exercise to apply any metabolic stress technique or principle to. The rom is small and time under tension tends to be short. You would have to literally bounce the bar off the rack or not touch it altogether to keep tension on the traps for the whole set, or you would have to keep them contracted at all times, although while setting up for the next rep they’d still be contracting against no external resistance.


What about just a simply touch and go, similar to deadlifts? I tend to feel great stress in the traps when doing that with partial ROM pulls.


Or holding that shit at the top to work more on traps and less on deadlifting.


Man, people have really gone overboard with preworkouts and stims lately.


“If it helps, sniff it!”



That’d most definitely be an option too. I won’t comment on that because I haven’t tried them.


the time under tension can be very long. imagine if you hold 700 pounds for 20 seconds. Do you think that isn’t time under tension. The rack pull can go below the knee only a few inches off the ground, or if you do what I am doing then it will be above the knee focusing on the weighted stretch. The weighted stretch is what builds the traps.


Might want to reread the article the part about using moderate weight to avoid over stressing ligaments and tendons there bud.


Alpha Destiny? There is nothing alpha about a 5’5 bloated manlet who does rack pulls for a living and think he has more muscle than Zyzz. Besides, big traps are ugly for PURE Bodybuilding.

If you are a powerlifter sure that might help, but powerlifters almost never train traps directly and the reason they have big traps are not because they want them, at least most of them. It is because from all the heavy lifts that involved the muscle, growth is inevitable.


What about heavy farmers walks to build traps?

I mean… not that I do them regularly or anything. I’m not really stressing about building big traps at this point in my (very young) career.


Using farmers walks to build traps is like using chemotherapy to shave your head. It will work, but you do a lot of damage to yourself that doesn’t need doing.

Heavy farmers are going to tax your whole body pretty hard. Not a great idea for regular training.