getting yacked?

okay honestly I have gotten good results just banging the weights as hard as I can and as continuos as I can with out any real protocol as far as rep shemes go. Now my question is as far as the different training protocols go i.e west side… what sets these apart and makes them any different from others? I am not saying these programs are not legit, I just want to know what makes them so good, what sets them apart from say doing heavy compound exercises for medium reps, and then doing isolated exercises for med to high reps? thanks just want to learn a bit more about training, and find out the best way to get and stay yacked.

Different programs have different ways of achieving different goals. If you want to know more about the whys of Westside, go to elitefts and read their articles. They explain the logic behind what they do.

If you have questions on other programs, just ask.

Virtually the entire previous issues section is devoted to this very question. You need to get some reading done. You’ve been here awhile.

Thanks for the replys, well bros, I am pretty fond of my own training and have gotten great results thus far, but I will keep in mind these articles.

Jander, you’ve got a great body and have achieved quite a lot with your approach. So it obviously works for you.

That said, everyone can use a change now and then. Why don’t you just give Westside training (or whatever other protocol you have an interest in) a shot for three months or so? You’ll like the results there too, I promise. :slight_smile: