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Getting Wife Pregnant After Cycle?


This is my 2nd cycle :
age 31 225 lbs

wks 1-4 dbol 30mg/d
wks 1-12 test e 500mg/wk Inject 2x/wk..
wks 1-11 letro .75mg e0d
wks 6-12 proviron 50mg/d
wks 13-16 test E 100mg/wk
wk17 nolva 40mg/d, test e 80mg/wk
wk18 nolva 20mg/d, test e 60mg/wk
wk19 nolva 20mg/d, test e 40mg/wk
wk20 nolva 20mg/d, test e 20mg/wk
wk21 nolva 20mg/d
wk22 nolva 20mg/d

im on my 17th week now...

my wife wants a baby, and im not sure how long should i wait after cycle to be safe to get her pregnant?

also what would be good for me to take as far as supplements or cleansers after a cycle to get my body to a normal phase asap...

thx guys


There is no risk at any point due to the androgens.

The Nolvadex, I simply don't know whether there could be a risk while there are any blood levels.

The cycle idea is bad from the start -- I refer especially but not exclusively to weeks 13-16 -- but it is too late now.

Unless you can find a definitive basis to conclude that Nolvadex can be no problem, I'd wait till it at least largely cleared, which might reasonably be called 7 half lives, which would be about 7 weeks after your last dose.

That should be about 99% cleared. Adding another month would get you to about 99.9% cleared.

It's not that I know there is a risk, I don't, but this would be the most cautious approach.


please explain why weeks 13-16 are a bad idea? i have done a ton of research plus lots of PM's with some pros from T-Nation and it was recommended that its better to stasis before actual PCT/taper.

please explain how the cycle should of looked for future ref.




Or putting it another way:

If you'd done a 12 week cycle the right way (not that I recommend going 12 weeks except if there is a specific calendar-date reason) then at this point you would already be about a month or nearly so into being fully recovered and only five weeks away from being ready for your next cycle, assuming you wanted to be "on" half the time, in terms of weeks of being suppressed.

Doing it the way you did it means you almost undoubtedly STILL haven't recovered your natural T properly, most likely won't for several weeks, and if you want to have your system suppressed "only" half the time then you have months to go before your next cycle.

And for what? Did you make impressive gains in weeks 12-17?

For nothing.

Or comparing to doing even better, had you done an 8 week cycle and ended it what I consider properly, you'd be completely justified in already being in to the next cycle. And you'd be recovered from that one by about the same time as from this one.

And for sure the two 8 week cycles would have greatly surpassed what the actually-followed method produced.


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yes and your right, no gains in weeks 11-17, all gains were made until week 10.

too late now, lesson learned, 8-9 week cycles only from now on.

back to my pct, my last test stasis shot was last thur. so i have to have to make a decision fast by this thursday to go into a pct with test taper or without?



anyone ?


At this point, the option of really fast recovery is probably gone and so while the plan would not have been the way to go at the start, having already gotten to week 17 it probably would be best to finish it as planned.

That is to say, this taper wouldn't have been called for had this been an 8 week cycle, but that is a consideration only for the future rather than the present situation.


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