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Getting Wife Into It

This is something I am working on. I am trying to eat healthier and working on keeping healthy stuff around but my wife is not into it. Any advice?

Same here!! I was thinking about posting this as well. Mine likes to go to the gym, but doesn’t want to look at it as “work”. I told her that it is hard work if you want to lose fat and get in better shape. I know its hard to shop for food together if youre both not on the same page, but just remove things slowly and find stuff that you both like to eat that’s good for you.

My best advice here would be not to force the issue if she isn’t into it. You cannot make anyone adopt this lifestyle, they have to want to. All you are going to do is cause problems in your marriage if she starts to think you are trying to control her or maybe don’t love her the way she is.

I finally figured out just to leave my husband alone and let him decide to go to the gym on his own. It took awhile but he finally did. In the past he has pestered me about doing cardio (I hate cardio) for my health and I know every time he does it makes me want to do it even less. I don’t know why people are so contrary, I know I sure resist certain people’s advice for no good reason sometimes.

About the food thing, it is a little harder since you are the man and most wives do the bulk of the cooking, but just do your own thing and don’t push your food on her. She has to come around to it by her own free will. Cook up a big batch of chicken breasts and cut up a big bowl of veggies and maybe a pot of brown rice whenever you have time and then tell her she’s welcome to eat it if she wants.

i got my wife to lift with me now, its the best ever, how did it happen you ask? easy, she noticed the difference. we started out at the same time, i would lift weights and she would run and use the treadmill, 8 month go by and (thank God) i have improved alot compared to her. at first she didnt like all the guys eye balling her, i dont mind, im used to guys checking her out. little by little she started to notice her improvements and now she’s really into it and follows my routines, she does squats, bench press, good morning, u name it we do it, she even went out and got gloves.

the best thing U can do is show her with ur actions how lifting weights (full body workout) is better for loosing fat then cardio, u loose fat and get ripped. thats like ice cream and a cherry on top, low fat ice cream

this works well for me. have the unhealthy stuff stored somewhere out of sight and have healthy snacks readily available.

I think this is an interesting subject, adn something I would like to see an article or at least a thread reply from a professional (coach, psychologist?) on. My w/out buddy has this issue with his spouse, as she complains about her body getting flabby, then thinks 10 minutes walking on the treadmill will make a difference. This despite the fact that he lifts, and looks better than most I have seen pics of on this forum.

For my part, this problem was accidentally solved recently. We have a (very)small horse farm, and my sweetie does all the outside work. Relatively little of it cannot be done with a tractor / frontloader, however. LSS, she hurt her back lifting a 50 lb bag of feed. Off she goes to see my Chiro.'s who also run a fitness center. They prescribe a series of adjustments, stretching and - I love it 4 x week workouts. Granted, a lot of it is machine / rehab work, but after only three weeks, there is a visible difference. Even better, her friends are pointing it out to her.

Still, I am a little concerned that she may not continue once the treatment cycle is done. Prof. replys inut welcome.