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Getting Whole Bicep Pumped


A while back I realised that i cant get my whole bicep pumped. No matter how i train it.

Since then I have tried all kinds of variations with barbel, dumbbell and cables..
close grip, wide grip, W-bar, straight bar,preacher curls tried leaning forward a bit to get more effect from gravity at the end of the movement, hammer curl, getting my little finger above my thumb towards the end of the movement(DB`s only), curling my wrists and not curling them. Super setting barbell curls with double bicep cable curls, or hammer curls with double bicep cable curls. everything i could think of.

But still I only get pumped in the lower half of my bicep(and top of forearm), and i get a heavy pump there. If i poke my bicep just above my elbow its hard as a rock and as i move up , from about halfway up the bicep it gets soft like its not been worked at all.

Also I only get sore the next day in that same area i got the pump?

I do exersizes with a solid contraction and make sure i squeeze it at the top.

Anybody else ever notice this?

I`m assuming that the bottom of my bicep is just weaker so it works harder therefore gets pumped. and it will catch up in time allowing the top half to work too.


I wouldn't worry about that, if you're getting stronger with good form you will grow.

The short head will work harder when your arm is in front of your body (preacher curls)

The long head will work harder when your arm is behind you body (incline curls, drag curls)

most other curls are somewhere in between.


How much have your biceps grown in the past 6 months or so? How many inches?

How much stronger have your arms gotten in the same time period?

Where are your elbows while doing the movement (any of the free movements)? Are your elbows moving, in any direction?


I measured my biceps this weekend and since January this year they have grown 2inches, keep in mind i have been putting on weight pretty fast on my bulk and alot of that is fat, i was VERY lean in january. IT seems like alot to me but thats what the tape said.

Strength wise, i used to BB curl 55 x 6reps, now i work up to curling 88 x 4reps.

I try keeping elbows still. They are normally about an inch or so forward from where they would normally hang freely. Sometimes at the end of the workout they start moving a bit back as i do the curl, but this is only when i cant get the weight up anymore and wanna force out the last few reps, i also focus on making sure they contract hard when i do that.


This is your problem. Let your elbows drift forward a bit. Do this in a controlled manner, not as a means of generating momentum. So instead of the barbell coming up to your chin it will come up to your forehead. Make sure to contract your muscle hard as you bring your elbows up a bit


Thanks alot! will definitely give it a go and report back.

Monday is my next bicep/back/shoulder day.



i think the best bicep exercise is using the preacher curl machine with one arm. a regular preacher curl to me just feels awkward. the bottom of the movement is kind of just pulling slack and the top of the movement the weight just goes down into the pad, none supported by the muscle. the angle does not give a good contraction at all.

the machine curl is stabler and provides resistance throughout the entire range of motion, which with one arm is surprisingly long. i have never gotten such a complete contraction with any other bicep exercise. i felt it right in the meat. i like to do three sets of eight reps, adding weight each set. then on the fourth set i increase the weight and do partials