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Getting Weaker


Im so pissed -my bench went from 270 5 times to like 255 -my military press went from 135 x 5 to 115 -i got weaker and did nothing different -I was making gains like 5 pounds a week. the only thing I did different was that I started drinking some diet soda and less water and I didnt eat that great for a week but it was only a week- Im starting creatine but last time I took it it did nothing


are you overtrained? you cannot keep up at peak performance forever...just my 2 pence


Well then, hey, make sure you take it again. :wink:

I second the vote for possible overtraining. Was it 7 days without any exercise and eating 'not that great', or what?


Overtraining, weight loss, poor diet, coming off a cycle of androgens/pro-hormones, doing the same exact workout over and over....

I would make adjustments to your workout. Change the lifts. Change sets and reps. Take a week off. Oh, and maybe go see your doctor, could be an underlying health problem you're not aware of.


I just too a week off and it didnt't help -how could I possibly get that much weaker


I don't know what happened or when I became so weak -all I can pinpoint is the diet soda -I took a week off and that didn't help


To get any help at all you'll have to supply some decent information.

For example, your workouts for the last while... your dietary plan for the last while... any changes you made.

It sounds like you are looking for a scapegoat in a few food choices, that probably isn't the reason.

If you don't have a workout routine, or any kind of controlled diet, then you have an answer there.