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Getting Weaker?!

For the past few months, I’ve been seriously stalling in all my lifts. Chris Ottawa was helping me program, but nothing we did seemed to help. I stopped doing his programming and even took a week off for a family vacation so overtraining isn’t the issue. I’ve since started Candito’s 6 week strength program, which I’ve had success with in the past, but I’ve noticed I’ve gotten progressively weaker. I used to be able to deadlift 100kg for 5x5 without problem, but last deadlift session, 1 set of 5 felt like a max effort. 70kg for a triple on squat use to be easy, but I can barely do a single now. I haven’t changed my diet or sleep and school stress is actually lower. I’m really pissed and more than frustrated.
What could be going on? How should I deal with this? Is this normal?

I believe you mentioned something recently about birth control? Did you start taking them?

What is your total training volume and intensity ranges? Are you hitting near max singles often? Usually if you have a set back there’s a few things you can do. Step back write everything you could have done that could have effected you. Look st logs on lifts see if you were stronger at certain volumes etc. did start eating something more like soy. Did you stop eating red meat or something along those lines? Did you start some medication like was listed above?

Start there. See if you can figure something out.

Also if you have decreased in strength it’s best to not stress about where you were start low based on where you are now and build up again. I’ve come back from injury,sickness etc and just started with moderate challenging weights and built back up.

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When you saying progressively weaker are you basing this over several sessions or one bad one?

drop your volume, train less ( 4 times a week ), take a day off between each lifting days. Go walk on your day off and strectch take it easy ! see what happen !

its not everybody that can handle 6 days a week workout with lot of volume…

I’ve been on it for about 2 years or so now so idk if that’s the issue.

This has been happening for about 2 weeks now.

Thanks for the advice. I’m actually thinking about just restarting the 6 week program (I was supposed to start week 4 today)

Past two weeks have you notice any out of the ordinary fatigue or DOMs? So you started running the 6 and your strength is dropping, but you ran it before. Correct? Are you stronger now than the last time you ran it. Also isnt 6 a peaking routine?

What does a full day of eating look like for you?

I am stronger since last running it.
No unusual DOMs, but I’ve noticed that I just feel weaker and sometimes lightheaded even if the weight doesn’t feel heavy on my back ( I have not changed training times or locations)
Yes, I’m trying to peak so I can possibly hit a 300lb deadlift by my birthday (I’m going to run it twice in time for my birthday in May)

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I don’t track and my parents won’t let me track, but here’s a typical weekday

Breakfast/lunch: I don’t have time to eat breakfast on schooldays so I bring it to school, but end up eating “breakfast” around lunchtime anyways
2 slices of Sprouted grain toast+1 boiled egg+ 1 serving of fruit+ 1scoop protein powder
Snack: 1 serving of fruit
Dinner: 6-8 oz meat, usually as a soup or stew (rough estimate. The type of meat ranges from chicken to marrow bone and I try to have fish at least 1 day a week, so fat content is all over the place for dinner)+1 cup black rice (I actually measure this)+ as much stir- fried veggies as possible
Snack: 2tbsp PB2
I also take 2 multivitamin gummies/day but idk if that counts

Once a week, we go out to dinner and I really get crazy with the meat (quite a bit of fat with that too). Carbs are low though (no fruit or rice

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You more than likely need to eat more in order to not stall or regress. I know you can’t track, (I fucking hate tracking as well), but if you can or your parents are okay with extra meals, perhaps squeeze in a few. Nothing drastic, just enough to keep progression going, and for your body to further add muscle and adapt.

Dinner is okay.
Breakfast/Lunch is passable but not as a combined meal. You need another meal like that.
Consider turning your PB snacks into PB sandwiches.

Other than than, consider smaller progress between sessions and having your form checked.

Thanks for the advice!
What would you suggest?
Since I can’t track, I don’t feel in control- especially given how variable dinner is (ie. the nutrition in stewed chicken is very different from that of steamed spare ribs). I don’t trust myself and definitely not my parents who know nothing about nutrition.
I’m afraid allowing myself one extra meal/more food will trigger a precedent and excuses to eat more and more (I used to be a pretty fat kid and could easily put down 1lb of meat in a sitting)

Just a thought…
I had an amazing workout today and it coincidentally happened to be the first sunny day after literally months of continuous rain/fog/cloudy skies.
Could the lack of sunlight be an issue? I noticed that sunlight really affects my mood, could it also affect my strength?

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Yes your mood can have a impact on the quality of a lifting session. So your not off base on your conclusion lmo.

Have you thought about taking vitamin D supplements? I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and it rained pretty much every day. Lots of people would get depressed because of the lack of sunlight, so to avoid that I took vitamin D regularly. Helped a lot.

I’d never considered it before. I might invest in some once I get to college. In the meantime, convincing my parents to buy supplements probably won’t work (they barely allow protein powder)