Getting Weaker??

Monday my chest felt soo weak! 295 nearly crushed me for 5 front deltoid was really tight after that first set so i didnt do any more. I know i warmed up and stretched plenty good enough. Tuesday i was up with Nursing clinicals at 630-530. didnt get to lift, that day drained me! So wednessday i go to do deadlift, warming up, get up to 405 and barely got it, my first set needed to be 475x2reps.

SO needless to say I was very disapointed with the way the week was going. So i figured i needed time off. Its been nearly a year since i took a few days off, so Im taking thursday,friday,saturday, and sunday off, I stretched and took an ice bath today to help with “healing”. idk really what else to do, Any ideas?

Thanks, Aaron

Something similar happened to me a few weeks back. I crunched some numbers and figured out I’d been running on about 500 daily calories less than normal.
Missing my numbers on the lifts was a hard blow, mentally, and it actually took me a few sessions before I was hitting reasonable numbers again.

I think sometimes your CNS just says ‘not going to happen,’ for whatever reason. With me this lead to negative feedback and it ruined a couple of workouts.
I’m sure you’ve been at the weight game longer than I have, but if you want my advice I’d say rest up, recharge and get back at it, just like you’re doing.