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Getting Weaker with Busier Schedule?


Before asking my question I figured I'd tell you a little about myself so you can better answer me. I've been OLY lifting for around 2 years now and I've gotten pretty decent at it. Personal best are 115kg snatch 140kg clean and jerk @90kg BW best b-squat 385 best dead lift 495 and if u care best bench 225lbsx2.

Onto my question about 2 months ago I pretty much hit all the personal best lifts I've stated above but recently (these past 2 1/2 weeks) I haven't even been able to come close to those lifts and as a matter of fact I barely squatted 315 this Monday not to sound arrogant but i know I've been training just as hard as I was I'm still taking the same protein and eating just as much my body weight hasn't changed the only thing I can think of is that I've changed jobs.

I used to work in a country club as a dishwasher and now I'm working in a high volume restaurant as a busser where i am working much harder and longer hours than my previous job do you think this has any effect on my muscle recovery or anything else you guys can think of would really help me a lot. I've searched Google but i really couldn't find anything on the subject at all. I would appreciate any input.


It sounds like your just making your body more tired. Ways around a situation like this are to eat more, sleep more, get better quality sleep or lower the volume of your workout.

If you hit your personal bests recently your body (read: CNS) might need a bit of a break. Try a deload week and see how you do. Just go in and do about 60% of your typical weight and/or volume.

Or if you think you hit a plateau with this training program, switch things up. If your currently training 4 days a week and your busier at work; drop it to 3 days. yaknow?

Good luck man!


alright I'll try cutting down the days and volume for a little while thanks for the help


its called being exhausted.


less training, more rest, and more sleep and more food.

It definitely has something to do with your new job. When moving around a lot, the body don't get much chance to recuperate like it did with the previous job. Good news is that no matter your job schedule, you should be able to progress. Progress is not only about training hard, but also about getting enough rest and food. Experiment, and see what level of sessions you can cope with to still make progress. Many trainees just train too much. Sometimes less is more.


Yea takeing away volume helped me, and i saw instant gains of 15 pounds in bench!