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Getting Weaker By The Day...

Here is my delima and I am hoping someone will be able to give me some advice. I just started back into college after taking a five year break to do some traveling and such. I go to school full time which makes for three classes a day along with weekly seminars and labs, on top of this I also work full time in a warehouse. I can’t work out during the week due to this schedual with out sacrificing some of the few hours I get to sleep and that isn’t really an option.

So this leaves me with working out on the weekends and what ever I can do on my breaks at work (pushups, sit-ups, and the like) I know I won’t make any gains while I am going to school… even if I was training during the week I wouldn’t think my body wouldn’t be able to recover in time to make any sort of gains. I just don’t want to loose the progress I have made since I started lifting.

I started out at 140lbs… at strongest I weighed 214 but then cut myself down to a 190 where I can see my abs again so I could look good in swim shorts for summer.
Does anyone have a favorite work out for such an occasion? I don’t know if I should do a split on sat/sun … or should I do one high rep/complex full body on sat followed by a low rep/highweight full body on sunday?

Another question is should I try to annihilate the muscles to where I am still sore for five days?
Also any diet advice would be quite welcome… I have cut my calorie intake slightly to compensate for the lack of training during the week. I have also increased my carb intake a bit, both for monetary reasons and because from the little experience I have with dieting my brain seems to be quite carb dependent.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me… on that note, my protein shake is gone and so it is time to go to bed. G’night

There was a thread a little while back with a similar question, if I recall correctly it was suggested to do 2 a day workouts, on Saturday & Sunday, morning and night.

Your food intake and rest would have to be high, as you will need a lot of recovery.

Agreed with RSG. You could try a push workout on Saturday and pull on Sunday, then swap that the next weekend, and so on. I had a busy schedule in college too and my mistake was not eating enough and getting enough sleep. Learn from mine.

Sleep sounds good right now… dear god… about to head off to class now… managed to get in about five hours. Unfortunately I can’t really get any more sleep through the week and still make the schedule work. I can keep my food intake high enough I think to keep from loosing… but sleep is where its going to kill my ability to recover I think. Oh well… yay for coffee!!

Sleeping most around (before and after) the workouts will help a lot, so you’ll have to choose between partying and sleeping on the weekend!

If you can squeeze one workout in during the week and 2 on the weekend you’ll be in good shape

let’s say…

tuesday or wednesday=

Bench press
overhead press
a few isos of choice

any extra lifts you want…calf raises…powercleans…extra squat variations.

You could make decent gains if you shovel in the food.

Don’t have to take this word for word…just an idea of sorts.