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Getting Weaker And Pissed Off



For the past nearly two months I have been getting weaker. I don't know why. I have had to reset my lifts several times, even switch programs to one with fewer sets and more variation to stop the CNS burning out etc. I just keep regressing.

  • I don't train to failure.
  • I get as much sleep as I possibly can (about 8 hours per night)
  • I eat a lot, including protein. I don't want to eat more because I dont want to get fat.

I do full body workouts. Usually 1 leg exercise, 1 push, and 1 pull.
For some reason I always feel like I lack energy. I have taken a week off recently, but it hasn't helped.

I am very angry as you can imagine. I feel like I am just wasting my time while the rest of the world progresses and like an idiot I am stagnating and regressing. It's laughable.

What the hell do I do? I don't want to take another week off, or reset my lifts again, because neither has worked and I don't want to waste anymore time. Just thinking about where I could have been by now makes me furious.

Please help. Thanks.


Post your diet.


post your workout too. could be overtraining. could be undertraining. could be bad exercise choice.


I follow an A/B split.

Workout A:
Back Squat 3 x 5-8
Flat Bench 3 x 6-10
Barbell Row 3 x 6-10

Workout B:
Deadlift 1 x 6-10
Military Press 3 x 6-10
Pullups 3 x 6-10

Weekly breakdown:

Week 1:
Tuesday - A
Friday - B
Sunday - A

Week 2:
Tuesday - B
Friday - A
Sunday - B

Diet varies. I try to east as clean as possible. It looks something like this:

Breakfast: Protein shake, oatmeal with some berries, cottage cheese, maybe some dark bread.

School Lunch: Usually some protein with potatoes. I try to limit my starchy carbs so I pile on the salad (with some mayo... so sue me) and take alot of meats and some milk too.

When I Get Home: Meat, vegetables and perhaps some rye bread or a cracker (no butter). A glass of milk or two on the side.

[Post-workout drink at this point]

After workout Meal: More Meat, some cottage cheese, veggies and some carbs (sweet potatoes or dark bread).

Evening meal (hour or two before bed): Cottage cheese and a glass of milk.

It may look small on paper but the portions are large. I may sneak in a small date cake because they are tasty.


Eat more


Do you have any other problems other then getting weaker on your lifts? Could be something that has nothing to do with diet or exercise.


Have you tried taking Spike or pounding a cup of coffee before a workout? Maybe you just need a little caffeine pick me up.


It sounds like you're over-trained. Sometimes, you need to take two weeks off in order to recover fully from fatigue. After I take time off (I usually do a 5x5), I set my weights a lot lower and try to work up to my 5-rep PRs in three to five weeks. Usually, I'm fully recovered by then.

It also looks like you're deadlifting twice a week. The deadlift is an awesome exercise, but it's a CNS killer, so I'd suggest that you only do it once a week. GMs are a great substitute, if you want to avoid deadlifting so often.


Ok. I will take days off until I am rearing to go to the gym again. Probably over a week at this point haha. Yeah I have noticed I practically never look forward to workouts anymore. Also my sex drive is very low. So I think I am overtrained.


Man there is no overtraining just under eating. How much do you weigh?

you wrote:
"- I eat a lot, including protein. I don't want to eat more because I dont want to get fat."

So exactly how much protein are you consuming???? I have seen people say they eat a lot and when we tally the totals up they are barely breaking the 1.1g of protein.


Hmmm... so should I take a week off or just eat more? Help.


Also, is my workout routine good? Could it be that my body can't recover from full body workouts 3x a week? If so, I was thinking of doing a push/pull split. Ideas?

I weigh about 200lbs. I guess I could always eat more protein (if nothing else, add a shake to each meal).

after reading around and thinking about my general stress levels (grades at school have actually been slipping because it's getting rough, finantial stress also), I'm going to go with a Push/Pull workout.

I hate switching routines. I have been paralysed by analysis for nearly a year. I think I also have pretty poor recovery. I started Rippetoes at one point, believ it or not, but I burned out in 3 weeks. So I thought it might be because of the lack of rep variation or something. Anyway, I know think that a Push/Pull split (with 3-4 days of rest for each muscle group) would work better.

Not that I am not looking for a 'magic bullet'. I know that there is no magic program. Instead this is a question from recovery. I also know that my body doesn't handle failure training very well (a problem on the Rippetoes was that I was very quickly struggling with adding weight to the bar and was dipping into failure).

So I've talked for long enough. This is what I had in mind. Basic. To the point. Something I can progress from for a long time without having to change again.

Front Squat
Military Press

DL variation (what would be best here? SL maybe?)

All done with 3 x 5-10. Maybe 3 x 5-8. I don't think it matters. I think I should just add weight when I feel like I should, and add reps when I feel it would be better.

I would alternate this Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Each muscle would thus get hit 3x every TWO weeks (and not ONE week).

Inputs would be appreciated.

I know I am probably getting on a lot of people's nerves with these posts. I am sorry. I feel like I am so close to finding a way to progress but I just can't nail down a proper balance of frequency and recovery.


Have you considered changing up the rep/set scheme? If you only train with 3 sets using progressive overload as the only means of increasing volume, you might be too adapted.


WTF is up with over training and fullbody owrkouts people talk about... I do a full body workout 5x a week with 2 days rest(saturday and sunday) I dont even eat a lot, maybe 3.5k calories, 8 or less hours of sleep. I do alot more workouts than that, I normally do this everyday:

Upper Body
Pullups: as many until failure
DB flat: 3 X 6-10
DB rows:3 X 6-10
Skull Crushers: 2 X 8
Concentration Curls: 3 X 8
Some kind of fore arm workout I made: 2 X 15

Lower Body
Back Squats: 3 X 8
Leg extensions: 3 X 8
DL: 3 X 8
Leg pulls(when your on your stomach): 3 X 8

Thats about it and try for 5x per weak and have made pretty good gains in size and strength. I know people are going to say its shit, but it works for me.


did you try taking a week or two off?


he clearly already said that...


It's probably working because you're young - keep at it, but just remember that fact...


OP - keep track of your carbs and increase them until you feel better. Instead of a week off, I'd first try a pigout weekend - go to a buffet, and eat tons of meat and potatoes. Eat a whole pizza. Eat pancakes and bacon. Drink a session beer like Guinness.

If that makes you feel better, try incorporating one "refeed" day per week.


that sounds like breakfast to me.


That's great if it's working for you.

However I am not you. I don't have the same recovery capabilities as you do. If I trained full-body 5x a week I would kill myself.