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Getting Weak on TBT

I have been doing the TBT workout for the last few weeks and it seems as though I have gotten weaker? Does anyone do this program and add in O-Lifts for strength and speed? If so do you do it as a split or on off days or throw one in during the regular lift days? I work out MWF at 4:30am could I throw in the O-lifts at night or on off days?
I know there will be somone who will ask why i am doing the TBT. Well if you have kids and they say dad I think it is time to lose a couple off the old waist so your still alive for my wedding some day. there is some motivation for ya. Is losing the weight lost 15 pounds have anything to do with strength. Never been this thin since I started lifting in the 9th grade…

The weight loss is probably what is making you weak. Especially if it was a quick loss. Also what kind of routine were you doing before TBT? If it was an isolation based routine, TBT uses a lot of compound movements that can be taxing on the nervous system. Make sure your eating good, getting enough sleep, and drink enough water.

I was doing a push/pull split
with mainly dead’s, squat,pushpress, cleans,snatch, military’s, bench, variations on the same, and a little isolation, but was doing heavy weight with low reps. Mostly I was eating like I was still 30 years old.
Losing weight seems to be the main issue, but is the higher rep with less weight going to bring the 1rm way down?
I tried to get my normal 5 rep weight over my head and it seemed real heavy and could only do 1 rep. weak boy here!!

[quote]clanduncan wrote:
but is the higher rep with less weight going to bring the 1rm way down?[/quote]

The law of specificty would suggest that it might.