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getting used to equipment using westside

So I’m going to be competing in a powerlifting meet at the end of December. I’ve competed before but never using equipment. (Used knee wraps before, but it was a long time ago). I’m training westside and wondering how best to go about getting used to the bench shirt, squat suit, etc. because using that system you don’t do regular squat or regular bench presses. I was thinking of just starting to use the gear on max effor days the last three weeks before the meet. I’m not sure that’s the best way to do it though so I’m looking for any thoughts on how to go about getting used to the equipment.

On a related note, I managed a set of 6 with 280 the other day on bench. Any idea of what I should be good for on a single with a shirt?

when we know we are gouing to be doing a meet in a couple of months, we use the equipment every 3 or 4 weeks to start getting used to it. in your case, you better start using it on max effort days immediately. you don’t have much time left. i wouldn’t try to max out every time though. 4 weeks of maxing out will be very tough on you. it also depends on how tight and what type of eqipment you have. i know some who bench almost 800 can’t touch the chest with less than 750. unfortunately, reps in a gym don’t really mean much at a gym. ther pressure at a meet may cause you to lift or less. plus don’t forget the rules. it also really depends on where your weaknesses are and if the shirt fits and will help overcome the weaknesses. good luck and use your equipment on a regular basis.