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Getting Tricep Growth


Hey guys, quick post, how can I get my triceps as big as my biceps?
I do french presses, tricep dips, and tricep curls a lot, not seeing the kind of growth I want.
Any hardcore ricep shit I can do?



With the hand in a pronated position, and the ulna and radius at 90 degrees to the humerus, press the index finger of the typing hand down on the return key promptly after entering "tricep exercises" into the search function.

Hardcore shit.



And eat.


Close Grip Bench Press FTW


I agree with close grip bench presses and do some fucking skullcrushers those will make you get reps or give you a headache. I personally have dropped 120 pounds on my fucking skull.


Dude here is the ssecret to huge triceps....

CGBP Skullcrushers Reverse Grip Bench....Do shit that you can go heavy on or build up to moving heavy weight.


"tricep curl"? I'm interested in this exercise, how do you perform it?


I think a lot of people here advocate bigger compound exercises for overall growth. In other words, do lots of benching and other pressing exercises and your tris will grow with the rest of the muscles being worked. Now, if you ONLY want your tris to grow and nothing else, then I guess you have your work cut out for you.


Reverse Grip Presses.