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Getting Trade In Back from Dealership


Anyone have any info on how I could get my trade in back from a dealership? I readed in an older car and bought a new one. Isnt there like a 15 day return policy on these things or woudl I just have to buy it back from them?

Im sure someone has had this happen before so any info is appreciated.


Forgot the dead body in the trunk?

Yeah, that shit happens.


I already explained this to you when you called about it.


I always hate it when I readed in an older car. Shit pisses me off.


I hate it when I woudl have to buy a car back. Fuck!


I hate it when my old car is a jeep. Those are SUV's so I keep asking for my car back and the dealer is looking at me like I have a giant turd where my head is supposed to be.



Shit sucks, the words are all stuck to the windshield and shit. Readed is ghey in the first place, so why bother car in the read all at that?