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Getting Too Much Protein? HELP


Here are my protein sources (im just listing the protein sources):

Meal 1:
2 scoops Whey

Meal 2:
big Chicken Breast

Meal 3:
2 scoops whey

Meal 4:
Big chicken Breast

Meal 5:

Meal 6:
1 Cup cottage cheese

I think that's roughly 240g of protein atleast, I'm worried that I'm getting too much and overworking my kidney's/liver because my doctor did a urine test and said that I am leaking protein into my urine. I asked him if it was because I had a diet very high in protein, and he said no that wasn't possible.

I don'[t want kidney failure, is my protein too high?


Protein is leaking into your urine?! I'd just plug the leak.


'09 keeps giving, and giving, and giving.




You're definitely eating too much protein bro. That's way over the RDI, you should only have 60g protein a day MAX. Anything more and your kidneys will bleed. It's not worth it man, I know it tastes good.


Whoa, dude. Don't freak out, but my second cousin's sister-in-law knows a teacher that teaches a student on the JV wrestling team. This wrestler, who doesn't even like to wrestle, was talking to his friend's maternal grandmother who knows a rabbi and the rabbi happens to have a vegan secretary. Well, the vegan secretary doesn't think the chickens are good for you and your "guts." I hope that helps.

And in case you're not trolling, then it's not the chicken. You have malaria and better write your will tomorrow.


Have a good day.


Guys you can check my posting history and tell that I am not trolling. I need some serious advice.


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How much do you weigh, how old are you, what are your goals? What does your weekly training look like?


What do you weigh just out of curiosity?


Wait wait, let me get this straight.
Your doctor said "no, your protein intake is NOT the cause of your proteinuria," and so you come onto an internet forum to ask if it is?


If your kidneys already have a problem, 240 grams of protein probably would've killed you by now.

Other than that, eat up. I usually eat 350-380ish grams of protein a day, and have no issues.


Weight: 165
Height: 5'11
Age: 18
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No, my question is if I'm eating too much protein to damage my kidnesys


Here are the causes of protein in urine:


It's not the food you're eating. If you really went to the doctor, he should have either set you up for a follow-up urine screening to see if it goes away, or they should have scheduled further testing.


Not even close.


Your "kidnesys" will be fine.


You're fine.


Must be Maple Syrup Urine disease. Based solely on the fact that it causes brain damage.


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