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Getting Too 200lbs+ Naturally?


First is it possible for someone currently weighintg 165lbs at 6ft 0in

And second how would you go about doing so without juicing?


1.) Nope, you're FUCKED.

2.) Steroids are the only way you can build muscle in this industry, fact. Please see point one regarding additional information.


"eat a hamburger. or two"

if there was a 'like' button on T-Nation this would get over 9000 hits.


It is possible, but with alot of whey protein. It can get expensive without juicing


You could try eating more calories than you burn. See, what you do is you get some protein powder and meat and you eat until youre full. Then you keep eating. When your skinny little stomach says stop eating. You beat it into submission with a big steak. Contrary to what you believe, you dont eat very much. Guaranteed


has... to... be... trolling...

People can't be this stupid.

I'm 6' and would have a hard time getting UNDER 200lbs, lol


you're right. why did i reply


If your just looking to bulk up and put on some mass then go with the squats and whole milk program, and within a year or two depending on how hard you work you should be there no problem. However you'll probably find that at your height and that weight you either want to be bigger or want to be leaner, probably both.


why whey protein? wouldnt steaks be better and less redundant/boring? what about alot of carbs and quality fats? and how would whey protein be more expensive than juicing?




There is no way someone on this site can be COMPLETELY clueless. Definitely a troll.


I don't think he's a troll, just a bit ignorant, but we have all been there, no?

I'm slightly shorter than him and if someone told me that I'd be reaching 200lb at some point I'd have laughed at him, being that skinny kid I have always been (I'm still not at 200lb, but on my way).

So, Aron, it's certainly possible and you could reach it in less than a year if you do things properly.
So, calculate your calorie needs, eat 10-15% above it, train hard, sleep well, be patient and consistent and then reap the results.


There's tons of information on this site and plenty of big dudes talking about how they got big. I'm 5'8 and over 200lbs. Lift big, eat big, sleep big, and dream big, and learn as much as you can. Focus on the basics, get your strength up on the core lifts, and eat like it's your job. Keep focused and stay disciplined about your training. Do all this and then come back in a year and see if you still question this as a possibility. Assuming you're not a troll.


Lol, this again...


lots of zercher squats


That's pretty much what I did.

It's not tough, I'm still 'skinny'


don't forget not to train your legs, only pussies train legs. Focus on chest and biceps.


Yes it is possible /thread


read this: http://chaosandpain.blogspot.com/?zx=6cbfdc74eb205eb8


Since the OP hasn't responded, I'm gonna call troll on this one indefinitely.