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Getting to the Finish Line


Hey All,

I did post this in the beginners thread but had 230 hits and no replys so will try my luck here. It's an all round question but a lot does centre on nutrition.

I'm trying to get my transformation to the finish line and am trying to decide between Get Shredded and CKD, no doubt both for me appear quite difficult as a carb lover but I need to shake my body for 6-12 weeks to see where I can get myself. On the face of things Get Shredded seems very much like a keto diet albeit on a lower calorie scale. I also read get UNshredded for the transition off the diet which looks like a viable way for both diets.

To give you an idea of where I'm at what my goals are :-
30yr old male
Was 137kg (301lbs) 35% BF 5yrs ago, down to 86kg(189lbs) 15%BF 2yrs ago and now at 99kg(217lbs) at about 15%BF.
Training consistently for 5yrs and although my nutrition is good it does have lapses.
Body type - mesomorph.

I'm currently on a total body training routine 3 days per week and HIIT twice per week.
Mon -
Front Squat - 80kg(176) 12, 85kg(187) 10, 90kg(198) 8
Deadlift - 110kg(242) 12, 115kg(253) 10, 120kg(264) 8
DB Chest Press - 27.5kg(60) 12, 30kg(66) 10, 32.5kg(71.5) 8
Standing DB Row - 32.5kg(71.5) 12, 35kg (77) 10, 37.5kg(83) 8
BB Push Press - 45kg(100) 12, 50kg(110) 10, 55kg(121) 8
Bodyweight Chins - 12, 10 8

Tues -
Prowler - 10 x 15m@ 60kg(132), 10x 15m@ 40kg(88), 10x 15m@ 20kg(44) - quick as possible - 16 mins 29sec so far.
24kg(53) Kettlebell Complex - 3 x 8 - Goblet Squat, Snatch, Swings
3 x 6 15m sprints
10min easy spin

Wed -
Kettlebell Workout
32kg(70) Goblet Squat 3 x 15
40kg(88) Swings 4 x 15
24kg(53) Snatch 4 x 8 each arm
18kg(40) Both arms Clean and Press 3 x 12

Thurs -
20min spin
3 x 6 15m sprints
32kg Kettlebell swings - 3 x 30, 30 secs rest

Fri -
Max Effort either Squat, Deadlift or Bench
Bodyweight work - Push Ups, Pull Ups, Dips, Prowler, Prowler Pull

In the last 2 months I have max effort squat of 190kg (418), deadlift 225kg (495) and bench (330) all raw.

Now to my goals - I basically want to get to single digit body fat percentage. After being so fat before I haven't seen my abs for a long time and need to see them to finish my transformation. I am a personal trainer, I now own my own gym which gives me access to great equipment but at the same time means I'm working 13hrs days and because it's a new business energy levels and stress are in the wrong areas.

I don't feel tight enough for the amount I train, from what I have achieved so far I am a good advertisement for my clients but it's not good enough for me, I want to be a great advertisement. I have some incredibly stubborn fat around my midesction and love handles, my chest carries excess and basically I just don't feel tight enough.

I have comtemplated HGH, Anabolics and plastic surgery to try and help but really want to exhaust all other options before I possibly go down either of these routes.

My diet is never the same daily but I generally work on a 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fat at the moment. I try and restrict carbs of an evening and that does help. I dont drink, smoke or drink sugary or calorie drinks. I try and get 8hrs sleep a night and at the moment I'm unfortunately not on any supplements for the sheer fact that all my money has gone into my new gym.

I'm lucky enough to have a fiance that is covering my foods bills, its quite a push to get her to cover supplements as well. I am just finishing Animal Cuts that someone gave me but have found it quite poor. South African supplements are cheap knock off and dont work generally, US supplements are incredibly expensive in SA so I try and get everything from whole food sources.

After all the above should I be considering CKD or Get Shredded?
Should I be considering another diet instead?
Am I missing something (other than supplements) in all of this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I want to finish my transformation!

Cheers all


Just drop the carbs to around workouts only. Do that for a month and I guarantee you'll see some changes. If you're looking for something truly extreme try the Rapid Fat Loss Diet. You in no way should be resorting to anabolics or plastic surgery at 15% bodyfat. Going from 15 to 10% is relatively easy. Why not keep track of what exactly you're eating the next week, and the nutritional information with it.

It's a bit hard to make changes when you don't even know what all you're putting in your body on a consistent basis. No you don't have to be a calorie counter but if you're just trying to go from 15% to 10% or so and having trouble it sounds like food selection and amount is a pretty big issue.

Your training (especially Monday) looks like a recipe for CNS burnout.


Thanks for the reply LiquidM - the 15% bodyfat was measured with some calipers, I imagine it to be there or thereabouts but you're right anabolics shouldn't be used yet which is why I stayed clear of them. The plastic surgery as such was actually not for the body fat but for loose skin that I have because of the 50kg weight loss, that was also another reason for considering GH and anabolics to tighten up skin.
I hear what you're saying with the training, and I think I have fallen into the same trap as many by trying to do too much, I do follow a 3 week on 1 week off format with my training to allow CNS to recover but I think with my eating being clean but often not enough it is harming my energy levels and preventing further results.

I was reading C Thibs article on transformation and because of my current bodyfat levels will start a CKD this coming Monday.

Will start a new thread to post updates and further transformation pics.

Cheers for the help.


Loose skin = save it for when you get to bulk back up and start packing size on (the right type of size). Then you just fill out, save yourself the money, and buy more steak.

I'm about to start cutting back down for a meet I've got coming up (193 right now need to be at 181), feel free to check my log out in terms of training if you want. I'll start posting my diet a bit too if you need a guideline. I generally carb-cycle as I've found it's the best way to maintain my strength/muscle while cutting down.

Best of luck and shoot me a PM when you start a new thread and I'll follow it.


How much does she spend on food for you for 1 month? Perhaps you could justify the V-diet if the prices are similar.


LiquidM - good luck with your cut for your meet, will follow your thread and keep a close eye on the training and take things from there. Will pm you with my thread over the weekend once everything is up and ready to rock n roll.

Rocky2 - she owns a function and events company so food for her is a lot cheaper, but saying that I did look at the V-Diet but living in SA makes the whole thing stupidly expensive. Rand into Dollars, plus bulk shipping, plus import duties etc etc. We tried buying stuff off bodybuilding.com before and everything got seized at customs as we apparently needed a "medical import licence"! They will always find a way to screw you!

Going shopping this weekend for all my essentials for my CKD. Actually did a sample day of it yesterday and it wasn't too bad . Ok, it was only a day and not 6-8 wks but it's a nice preliminary feeling.

We're putting up a new board with all our Prowler challenges etc plus clients who are dieting, bulking etc to keep everyone motivated - my details will be first on the board. Lead from the front!