Getting to That 'Redline'

Seeing some of the vids and listening to John Meadows talk about his visit with Tom Platz has really gotten me thinking about my own training and really trying to bring it with balls to the walls intensity on every top set.

I figured, since this is the bodybuilding forum, it would be sick to get together a thread where we can post up videos from sets that really take it to that next level (or at least try to get there!).

Meadows likes to call these sets “ape****,” Platz likes to call it the Redline area, call it what you will, let’s see some intensity in here!

I’ll kick it off with these three vids:

[quote]infinite_shore wrote:

“Shake it like a salt shaker…” In reference to legs on the leg press…love it haha!

Cool, keep training hard.

Good idea maybe I’ll get a video up soon.

I feel like crap posting this after a DH legpress video…meh

^Awesome stuff Z!

We need more posts in here…let’s bring the intensity guys!