Getting to 10%, Diet Question

Hello everyone, currently I am trying to cut and get to AT LEAST 10% so I can start a Lean Bulk.

Pics: Imgur: The magic of the Internet (These are a bit outdated, but honestly my body hasn’t changed much if at all since)

To get my macros done I used the iifym calculator
1800 calorie deficit
170g carb
145g protein
50-60g fat

These were my resulting macros

I know feel like I have to change these because I am not lowering weight anymore and feel like I am loosing muscle, so I decided to re do the calculatios using the same website, which resulted with these macros
Carb 205.7
Protein 126.9
Fat 56.4
Fiber 28 - 35
1870 calories/day

Thats 0.9 Protein .40 fat and 4 carbs at 141 pounds (Ligther than when I did my original macros)

So why more Carb now? If its wrong can someone help me in doing my macros?

I do HIIT cardio twice a week and go to the gym 4-5 times a week

You don’t have enough muscle to do a proper cut. Focus on building muscle and getting strong on basic exercises first. What program are you on and what numbers are you putting up for your main lifts?

You are not obese so if I were you I would not worry about getting “cut” until you hit a 1.5 bw bench, 2 bw squat and deadlift. These are not big numbers to hit.