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Getting Tired Quickly Mid-Session

Practicing breakdancing every day for a while now, I’ve been noticing that my progress has started to stall. I get tired more quickly than I would like to during practice sessions, keeping me from putting in enough work and volume on power moves as I would like, especially since I genuinely enjoy practice as a break from college/homework/etc.

Just today I did a carb-up; loaded up on high-carb “junk” dining hall food like doughnuts, chocolate milk, w/e, also getting at least the usual amount of protein and fat, and today was the best in the past week for the move that I practiced.

I would like to continue doing this; I really would enjoy it if I knew that to improve my breakdancing performance all I had to do was eat more doughnuts and shit like that. But my understanding is also that I could get resistant to the positive effect if I do it every day and need more and more.

I’m torn between one side, saying my breakdancing performance depends on my nervous system and I need to sleep and chill out more, which makes sense because college is more stressful than high school, and definitely more so than summer vacation I just came off of. But at the same time, between mill>headspin sets, 1990s, flares, hollowbacks, almost every move I do my shoulder muscles are critical and if they’re getting overworked without enough food to feed them then I’m just shortchanging myself.

So basically, I want to practice badass breakdancing power moves all night and give no shits, and maybe even getting a decisive improvement in lifting numbers wouldn’t be so bad either. For details, you can look at my log here:

I do a pretty solid job of logging details of sessions if I may say so myself.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Your log is a bit confusing… do you do just 1 lift a day? Do you then go straight into bboying? If so, splitting up the sessions should help a lot, or at least dancing before lifting, if that’s your main focus.

Also, it sounds like you need to get your nutrition in order. Since you break, I’m assuming you’re on the slimmer side, so carbs shouldn’t be an issue. It sounds like your focus is on breaking and if you’re dancing regularly, you def. need to get your carbs in regularly… Eating quality carbs in moderate amounts daily will probably be better than low carb w/ a refeed. Make sure you get your protein too.

What workout supps do you take?

Try beta alanine pre workout, also instead of junk carbs add a lot of good fats to your preworkout meal like cashew nuts and original greek yogurt.


Yes, I do 5/3/1 with just the main lift of the day; I used to do a lot of assistance, but I started cutting it out when I realized the guys who could out bboy me didn’t worry about DB bench or power cleans, they were good because they practiced. Lifting before practice is no problem, if anything it helps me get locked down and balanced on my shoulders better I find.

I guess I should have posted diet info:

400g carbs, 200g protein, 120g fat per day on a usual day, sometimes less “clean” because I have to get a lot of food in one or two meals/day. Weight at ~165

Carbing up does not mean eating a bunch of junk food/empty calories. Donuts, candy, cakes, and other sweets are generally high in sucrose (a combination of glucose and fructose) or high fructose corn syrup. So, yes, they contain carbohydrates/sugars. However, not only do these carb sources have absolutely no nutritional value (no vitamins, minerals, photochemicals, antioxidants, etc…), but at least half of the carbs that they provide are in the form of fructose, which is not stored in the muscles, or utilized by the muscles for fuel.

If you want to carb up properly, try to get the majority of your carbs from complex carbs/whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, or quinoa. Those will actually help your body to function better/perform better, give your body the energy it needs to fuel your workouts, provide you with needed vitamins, minerals and other important micronutrients, and keep your blood sugar levels more steady throughout the day.