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Getting them ABS


I'm 5'10 183~ And 179.5 in the morning. 14% bf 20yrs

I am trying to get abs and get my bf down to 8%.
I have been bulking ever since. I eat 6 meals a day. I have no steady routine going on, or ever had. I just train till it hurts. I do abs every other day( got some exercises from T-Nation article).

I believe that once you get 8% zone, its a lot easier to make progress and do visualize your progress. And be more confident

I change up the exercises every week. hit the gym 5 times a week. My legs are dominate( I ski and bike a lot) I have very low fat every except the belly section.

Any tips out there. BTW I am new here, but have been reading from this website for the past 2 years.


When I get lean, what do you recommend to gain size? I want to have solid 17inch arms and a solid chest


I would suggest you to keep bulking...but if you insist on cutting, carb cycling would do the trick


Its summer time and I really want to get those abs, before its winter when I cant show off ; )


x2 on the keep bulking.


^ Why do you recommend sticking to bulking?


Do you think if I do 2-3 weeks of carb cycling I will have a good level of body fat? I don't want to have the definition of a bodybuilder, but a minimum to have abs.

After that I will stick to high protein intake, morn, pre/post, night at 350grams a day on training, 200 on non.

I'd also like to include: Is it normal to have 14inch forearms while I only have 16.5inch biceps flexed cold?


They're telling you to bulk because you're in a body building forum and not a general fitness forum.


I don't want to have a scrawny body either, so I didn't feel like posting in the general fitness. I will be training hard for years. I am just wondering if I have a good enough base to build on. When you bulk on a 6 meal plan when your lean your building only muscle and little fat. While If I was trying to bulk right now I would keep my fat and get bigger but not have a 6 pack body.


If you know it all then why are you asking for advice?


I just need confirmation and maybe other tips. I am still not sure about carb cycling how many weeks, I know typically 12 weeks to get bodybuilder definition.

But all advices were appreciated thanks.


2 or 3 weeks won't even do shit , and to get the definition of a bodybuilder( which i know you don't want) is not going to happen( I hate the way people think you can pick up a weight and 2 months later they think they get huge or tone or what ever the fuck tone is, why do people suggest this is so easy to obtain? fuck sake it take years.

bulk man, i guarntee after you cut, you will say you wished you bulked, gonna take load's more time .


Alright I'll take your word for it, I've been bulking for 4 years. Started with nothing

Just impatient :wink:


patience is your friend, just don't be scared to eat, i have fucked up in this department before, cut and wasn't happy at all, took me longer to get to where i was before than where i wanted after it.


Yeah, this is called bullshit. Why would your body suddenly gain muscle differently (as opposed to following your genetic code and related metabolism) just because you dropped a little body fat? I see this often here though...as if by being leaner, you somehow cause your body to do something magical and from then on ONLY gain muscle.

That's bull.


permanent bulk if you're a real man

you'll end up on a cpap but be one of hte biggest mofos in the gym/room/meeting/subway/cemetary


@ Professor X

The point of a 6 meal plan is to accelerate your metabolism which in result reduces the amount of fat.
If you have a lean base with minimal amounts of fat( enough just to see the 6 pack showing), I believe if you continue on the 6 meal plan with higher dosage of protein and carb intake you shouldn't start seeing those abs disappear


@ you

I am waiting on you to explain what mechanism is at play that keeps you from adding body fat if you eat more calories than you expend when leaner the same way you added body fat when you were at a slightly higher body fat percentage.


High metabolism burning fat/cals, exercising which also burns fat /cals. You recover with protein gaining mass, carbs to protect from messing up muscle at night and while exercising. im sure you can find a balance in order to gain mainly muscle mass while staying at a leveled bf