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Getting the Shakes: Normal Feeling?

Just a little back ground.

I have been on var @ 40mgs day and I am in the middle of my 5th week. Now this has never happened before but. I was working away and suddenly I started to getting the shakes really bad. I felt like I had not eating in a day or so. My last meal was at 8:20am and this started to happen at 11am. It was really unexpected. This normal?

Now that lunch is over I have eaten like a starved dog. I ate as much as I could on my lunch with a mass gainer drink. The feeling is going away but wow it was really powerful.

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Excuse my ignorance but is that bad or good? I am not freeked out by it just concerned if its normal. I know next to nothing about slin or how it reacts on the body. I didn’t even work out yet today. But it felt way stronger then after a good work out.

What is a hypoglycemic attack?
The Center for Surgical Treatment of Obesity at St. Mary Med…
It is due to low blood sugar level and similar to the dumping syndrome in expression. Mainly you will feel light-headedness and have a rapid heart beat. You may feel nauseous, shaky, clammy and sweaty. However, abdominal cramps and the urge to go to the bathroom are unusual. The attack usually occurs a few hours after meals or when the interval between meals is too long.

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Ohhh ok. Never happen before.

Thanks Bushy!

when I am on anything I get them every now and then
I always pack with me a few scoops of the powdered gatorade,its mainly glucose If i feel really hungre and shakey I just head to the nearest place with water and make me a drink up.

there was times that I felt like passing out and I just ate the sour ass powder and chased it with water and felt heaps better in a few mins.