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Getting the Right Bicep Look?

How do you get that overall look on the bicep? i mean like the end of the bicep to give it that shape like is a ball!!

You mean bicep peak or lengthen them out -end/lower bicep?

Anyway, enjoying this at the moment…

The “shape” is largely genetic, there’s only so much you can do. Best (and simplest) advice is to just Continually try to make them as big as possible and then you’ll be able to see just what your DNA has in store for you.



you have to do exercises that peak the bicep. try incorporating incline DB curls. But it is mainly genetics and BF%

If you ever figure out the secret, let Arnold know since his biceps were two different shapes. Clearly he was training wrong.

But yeah, like Stu said, you build the muscle, get lean enough for definition, and you’ll look however you’re supposed to look. Maybe you end up with Ronnie Coleman peaks, maybe you end up with Sergio long bellies. Specific exercises aren’t going to influence that.

But really, at your height and weight, worrying about biceps peaks should be the last thing on your mind.


It floors me that online that there are some so called experts whom are still preaching that you can still change that fact.

@Chris_Colucci Look at young pics of Arnold around 19 or so honestly the shape never changed only got bigger

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Yeah, but the ladies still loved him.

Hmm maybe Im thinking when he was slightly older.

Damn. Has anyone ever hit the Front Double-Bi pose as well as Arnold? The way he accentuates his pec width by holding his elbows slightly forward; the way he turns slightly to the right and cocks his hips so as to create a perfect line along his left lat and oblique; the perfect amount of vacuum and lumbar flexion to create the impression of a miniscule waist; the relaxed smile. For my money, no one’s ever done it better.


Zane had the little hip shift down really well, but for my money, look at Mentzer with forearms the size of other people’s biceps just completing the look of being a human tank.


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I love Jamie Lewis too much to like Mentzer, but damn did he have a stacked physique.

Speaking of peaks…