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Getting the Most Out of TRT/Left Over Test


I am currently on TRT from an online clinic that prescribes much higher than an endo would: 200mg a week. I would like to transition to a local doc but I am wondering how pharmacies and docs add up the dosage if it isn't a normal 100 a week. I would love to inject 200 mg a week for most of my trt. I am guessing the max I will be able to get from an endo while still being in range will be around 150mg a week( 75 twice per week). If you do a weird number like 60mgs or 65 mg every 3 or 4 days or something like that is it possible to always have test left over before filling the next prescripiton? Thanks


When you meet your local doc, explain the protocol you’ve been on and why you feel it’s been working well. If your labs are still within normal physiological ranges (<1000 say) then why change? If he/she is still resistant, offer to go on a lower dose for a trial period. You might well find that 100mg/wk is just as good for you. If not, tell your doc and they should bump you back up. So many of the TRT benefits are subjective, labs don’t tell the whole story and good docs know this.

I’ve been on 200mg/wk myself and it’s been great, but I’m toying with the idea of dropping the dose to 100mg and doing EOD Sub-Q injections to see if I can stop using adex. My E2 was at 46pg/ml before I started adex. If I can control it without, I will. The fewer drugs the better, while still achieving the goal.

As for your question about having extra T, it all depends on how it’s dispensed. I get compounded T from my clinic and I get exactly 1ml/wk, so in my case no. Some guys get 1cc amps or vials, others get 10cc vials. Just depends on what your doc writes and what your pharmacy has in stock.


Thanks for the comment. I don’t have a general practitioner that will work with me so I either have to stay with my online clinic which is expensive or try an endo who most likely won’t have a clue what to do. I just hate the idea that they might underprescribe


or call around to local compounding pharmacies and ask for a referral to a good HRT doc.