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Getting The Most Out of Starting On Test

quick rundown: I’m 28, was diagnosed with low T (probably because a concussion I had in a car accident when my head went out the window). Just took my first Sub Q injection yesterday - on 200mL a week, as well as an HCG and Estrogen Blocker. Enough of that. Lets talk GAINZ!

I’ve heard that starting on T, you experience “Beginner Like Gains” for a few months until you balance out. Is this true to an extent, and If so, what can I do to get the most bang for the buck so when I do plateau I’m one big ass dude?

I have yet to see any beginners that are “Big ass dudes”, so, do the math. You might recover what you have lost to low T. Over time you will retain the ability to improve.

I did say Beginner LIKE gains… I’ve been lifting for 10 years so certainly no beginner. Even though my lift numbers sometimes feel that way. OHP: 170, Bench 280, Squat, 375, Deadlift 505.

You would be best served by posting all pre-TRT labs as the treatment of men on TRT is like the wild west, most doctors get it wrong and prescribe HCG and AI’s without regard for pre-TRT SHBG and estrogen labs. Doctors also commonly prescribe heavy dosages of AI’s similar to women with breast cancer looking to drive estrogen to zero.

Telling us how big your gas tank is in your car and how much gas you are pumping into your gas tank doesn’t really tell us the strength of the fuel, is it 108 or 87 octane?

What is the strength of testosterone being injected?