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Getting the Most Out of My Workout


My workout ends up being 1 1/2 hours then I hit the treadmill for 20mis,Eliptical for 20mins and the stairmaster for 20mins.burn around 1000 to 1200 calories total.

However I am drinking 8oz of gold standard whey after the weights and before the cardio.

I'm needing the protein post workout but my goal is to cut the fat with the workouot.

Any suggestions here would be appreciated


Are you saying you’re concerned about a little post workout drink interfering with fat loss?

If so you need to read up on post workout nutrition in general.

That much cardio must suck…like really bad.

I’d give HIIT a try.

Look it up.


mmm post your diet, it may help, also what’s your height, weight??


Cut your training down to an hour. Shorter rest periods will help with both cutting down the time AND burning fat. Be prepared to lift less weight though. You might not need to do so many sets/exercises. Please post a typical session to be critiqued, as that will help.

While doing the cardio after weights is ok, splitting them into 2 sessions per day is more ideal. Cardio in the AM, training in the PM or vice versa. It just works “better” but is not required by any means. Do what you have time for and make the most of that time.

I am not sure what ‘8oz of gold standard whey’ really equates to, but you should probably try to get 25-40g of protein (depending on your weight, the heavier you are the more protein you should drink) and 2x the amount in carbohydrates (like dextrose, dextrose/maltodextrin mix, or other unrefined sugars).

For example, if you drink 25g of protein, mix in 50g of one of the simple sugars. It helps spike insulin to shuttle amino acids to the muscles and the sugars will help replace glycogen. AND, it usually won’t hinder fat loss unless you have too many carbohydrates. SURGE is awesome for this.

Hope this helps some.

As the others have said, you will have to educate yourself on a lot of this, as getting all the info in a thread will never happen.