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Getting the Most Out of my Cycle

Hey everyone,

I’m now starting my 5th week of Test E 250mg E3D, 4th week of 60mg Var daily and 2 weeks into hCG 250iu E3D. Started Nolva 40mg daily a week ago after gyno started flaring up.

Basically, I was hoping to get any advice/comments about my progress so far to make sure I’m getting as much as I can out of the cycle. I’m 25y/o, 5’9, 205 (up about 10 lbs). I’ve definitely seen an increase in strength as my bench and other lifts have increased to varying degrees. The increased size is noticeable as I’ve been getting a lot of compliments lately and I’ve leaned out a bit as I’m getting that shoulder/trap separation that I was hoping for when I started.

I originally planned to start the Var in week 7 of the 10 weeks of Test E but I couldn’t wait (stupid I know, but I was really excited and figured I’d use it at a kickstart). I have a couple weeks left of Var at 60mg/day. I will probably finish out the last 2 weeks I have and then was wondering what I should do for the next 4-6 weeks before I start Clomid for PCT in week 12. Any advice on anything I can add or whether I should up the dosage for the last couple weeks or even add more Var the last few weeks of the cycle? I know anything over 6 weeks is not recommended but I’ve seen people using it both at the beginning and end of their cycles.

I originally didn’t want to get much bigger but I’m loving it right now and would be open to any bulking ancillaries like Dbol. I actually feel like I’ve been doing way too much cardio (doing it every day, 30-40min or 20 on ab days) and am gonna cut back to 10-20 min every day. I’m also going to try to up my calories a bit but will continue eating clean.


Lowering the cardio will definitly help 30-40mins everyday is overkill especially year round (assuming thats what you do). As far as this cycle just follow thru pct as you had planned but if u wanna add more size next cycle id say swap out the var for a dbol and maybe add in another injectable like a deca or eq.