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Getting the most from my Surge

I bought some Surge and I want to know if it would be more effective, strength and size gain wise, if I had two scoops of Surge post-workout or if I had one scoop pre and one scoop post. Due to my budget, 2 scoops before and 2 scoops after isn’t an option. Thanks for the help.

One before/during your workout and one after is a much better approach than 2 after.

I think you read the label wrong. It’s either one scoop before or one scoop after or 2 after. Not 2 before and 2 after, unless you weigh 300 ripped. :slight_smile:

I like to sip the whole thing slowly throughout the work out. I think that is what Berardi is recommending now also. If don’t want to sip it during WO, than split it as research as shown benefit to both pre and post WO carb/nutrition.

My intuition tells me that Surge is better for size than strength … but that’s just a gut feeling. I wish someone knowledgable would answer the question.