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Getting the Most BANG for your BUCK


An interesting dilemma that I have found hasn't received enough attention. Every morning I wake up and take my Animal Pak (11 pills), Juice + greens (6 pills), Omega 3's (1 pill), Vitamin B-12 (2 Pills) and some Calcium Citrate (3 pills). Downing all these pills requires roughly .5L of water. My fear is that this much water will temporarily dilute the acids in my stomach and hinder the absorption of supplements. Should I be taking it with juice instead?

Am I over thinking things?





Plus, why are you taking extra Calcium and B-12 with an animal pack? IF you insist on taking extra calcium and B-12 spread it out over the day.

More is not better, especially when it comes to absorption of certain vitamins and minerals.

Sounds to me like your just making really expensive urine.