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Getting the Fat Loss Moving

Hello people. Iv been training for a month and have made some good muscle gains but have a flabby tummy and man over my chest do I carry on my weight training and just ad more cardio. I do eat healthly and eat a lot of protien and Drink protien shakes.if anyone has eny advice please help

The last posted message from me.i said I had a flabby tummy and man on my chest. Wot I mention to say was flabby tummy and man boobs. I am new to weightrainig so eny advice would be welcomed especially on diet nutrition and training routines

Post your diet, including total calories, protein, fats, carbs, etc. And your weight.

First rule of weightloss - calories in < calories out. After that it becomes an issue of keeping on as much muscle as possible (or as a newbie actually gaining muscle) while maximizing fat loss.

As for the things that will maximize fat loss with regard to weight training:

  1. Workout volume - more work = more calories = more muscle stimulation AND greater energy usage.
  2. Lactic acid training - shown to increase fat metabolism.
  3. A high intensity full body circuit combining a variety of different types of exercises is about the best thing you can do. By different types I mean doing plyometrics, heavy lifting and isometrics all together. This will make you feel like vomiting the first couple times.