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Getting The Doc Run-Around


looking to get on hrt...

Primary doctor tested my test levels and they were a whopping 99. He wanted to give me on-going shots "in office = fee", and I asked to see an endo. At that point I began self-medicating with 125mg week of test enanthate... and eod of hcg 250iu...

was feeling great and maintaining gains... several weeks later I saw the endo and he wanted to see why my levels were low (and so did I), so he tested my test level and prolactin (I was 6 days out on my shot at that time)... test came back at 868 total test and prolactin was high...

Now his nurse called me and told me to stay off everything for a couple of weeks and come back in for another test... If prolactin still high, they will want to do an mri of pituitary... This is all the nurse knows and the doctor is never in for questions I have...

So in the meantime I am supposed to just feel like $hit? After I go in this Friday to give blood for that test, I really want to start self-medicating again...

Does anyone see a problem with that? Do you think he will want to do anymore types of blood tests?


It's really up to you... maybe you want to switch to another doc who really has time for your questions and stuff?


Well, what do you want?

You can either be patient and get do what they are asking, or keep doing it yourself.

If this going to be paid for by your insurance if you wait it out and cooperate then that would be the thing to do, wouldn't it?

If you continue with your own course of treatment, they won't be able to diagnose and treat you.

It seems pretty clear.


Your doctor is trying to get a

-- baseline result so he can figure out dosage
-- trying to figure out what is wrong with you (i.e.pituitaty?)to see how he needs to proceed w treatment

You need to let him get good numbers. Stop self-medicating so he can get good numbers.

It is possible he will prescribe something between your blood test and your MRI.

My advice is do what he says so that he can get a good diagnosis.



sweet! that is what I was hoping for... per their instructions, I havn't taken ANYTHING for the past 2 weeks... I gave blood for my test this morning... they set me up with an appt to see the doc on Tues... so looks like they are really trying to work with me now... hoping he prescribes something on Tues... I sooo miss the testosterone!!!!!

So at this point, do you think a self-administered 125mg of testosterone enanthate will interfere with anything? Will he possibly want to take anymore blood? He said if prolactin still high from blood test then he will want to do an mri of pituitary... but the exogenous testosterone won't interfere with that will it?


Doctors are high-priced whores for drug companies. You just gave your body a major stress, 2 weeks of low test, at the behest of a doctor --- the doc should be ashamed.

Low test leads to heart attacks and strokes. Now, your body doesn't know wtf to do. All the ups and downs play hell with your body. Goddamned doctors!

Your test level is mildly high-normal. That's good. Keep it stable is very important. Don't let a whore tell you otherwise. Buy whatever you need, insurance be damnned.


well put headhunter... of course I want a good diagnosis and the root cause and proper treatment program,,, but damn, you are right... this is highly stressful on my body... I asked twice over the phone if I could get a shot after I held out for 2 weeks and gave blood and the doc wasn't available... after a couple of days the I got in touch with his nurse and she TOTALLY asked the doc the wrong question of "can he get a shot between now and his upcoming blood test"... I told her that I FREAKING SAID AFTER THE BLOOD TEST AS I KNEW IT WOULD INTERFERE, AND I FEEL LIKE SHIT SO CAN I GET ONE IMMEDIATELY AFTER!!!!!???

So, the doc is impossible to get hold of and questions have to be relayed through the nurse who botch's the damn questions and returns a botch'd answer days later...
at this point I feel like I may just go ahead and self administer my weekly 125mg's again... I cannot keep feeling like this! I can't imagine him wanting to do another blood test and I don't believe it will interfere with the mri...


I started down the same road as you 3 years ago, bro. Had to literally threaten to walk out and take my business elsewhere to get the first doc to even test me for testosterone level. "Testosterone is steroids, you know."

I'll never forget the twerp who wanted to take me off Androgel (and ANY TRT) when I came in at 244 ng/dl.

Or the HRT 'specialist' (I kid you not) who thought Androgel was applied as a patch.

I now do 250 mg of Cyp per week (plus some little 'extras') and actually feel good again.


ok, heres the latest with the "doc run-around"...

RECAP: had my primary check my testosterone levels... they were 99... took them to an endocronogist who did another test... testosterone was 868 and prolactin was high... had been self medicating with 125mg week of test enanthate and 250iu hcg eod... he told me to stay off everything and two weeks later did another test and prolactin was high...

He now wants to do an MRI but regardless, sounds like he is going to put me on a pill that will bring down the prolactin level and in turn return my testosterone levels to normal...

has anyone heard of this... I have been feeling like shit for the last 2 weeks and not looking forward to another week or 2, and ready to start self-medicating again!!!!


I think you need to get copies of bw from both of these MDs and find another MD that at least has the time of day for you. I am on TRT and had to jump through a few loops to get injections but with those levels you should be given androgel to star

I have heard of oral AAS but I don't think they come packaged with the prolactin issue you have. He is trying the placebo effect in my opinion.

Your second MD might be on the right track and doing things for your benefit, but he seems to busy to address you HRT issue.

I think the main thing to do is get ALL copies of you BW from both MDs, especially the ones showing T levels of 99.

By injecting yourself you are now in the position of explaining the jump in T levels on second BW. Perhaps you bypass those when going to another endo and just show the ones with T/99 and the 3rd set that you took after being off for 2wks.

Telling a new endo that you injected HCG/T on your own is going to bring up trust issues. I told my MD that I tried injections after Androgel and he didn't have a problem but he was more of an anti-aging guy and wasn't your typical endo but it is a judgement call on your part.


thanks for the reply... but is it possible that my prolactin has always been high and thus suppress'd my natural testosterone and if I follow the current endo's orders and get on this pill, that they may return to normal naturally?

Or will high prolactin not suppress testosterone this much? I am a definate advocate for self-medicating BUT if there is a chance that my levels can be increased naturally, I am all for that... is it possible?

LMFAO!!!! So I call the doctor back to see what the name of the medication is going to be... I get a 10 minute hold and finally get the nurse. Ask question, then get another 5 min hold... And she comes back with "nothing is documented, so your guess is as good as mine"!!!!!!! I say "well cant you ask the doctor then"? and she says "he is in the room with a patient"... I say, "well when he comes outta the room with the patient"? She gets short and says ok... Doubt I will hear from her... this is BS!!!!!!


Sorry but I know nothing when it comes to prolactin or much else for that matter.

I've had a fair amount of experience with MDs so I will limit my response to that.

All I am saying is to get copies of all BW so if and when you see another MD you will be able to show results and not tell him about them.

And as far as discussing self-medicating, you are going to have to be talking to a rather open minded MD. Most like to know you are doing what they say so they can read BW results and be assured they reflect the meds given. If the MD thinks you are taking HCG or Adex or anything he hasn't scripted, well, chances are he sends you on your way.

My guy was an anti-aging guy who was in it for the bucks so I could tell him anything. He passed away in August so I'm in the market again. I don't have to deal with that for a while but not looking forward to it.

Good luck


do anti-aging and rejuvenation clinics accept insurance?


thanks! ok, the name of the medication is dostinex... anyone heard of it?


I'm sure it would be an individual thing, as in some do, and some don't. Mine did. I would imagine it depends on how many clients they have willing to pay out of pocket. If they need to accept insurance to make a buck they will.

Needless to say you should follow up on the prolactin issue with an endo. You have no idea who might be at a clinic. I know my guy had the biggest thing going in NJ and wasn't close to being an endo.

Why not get a script from a clinic and be legal if you are willing to dose yourself?

And it's only a phone call to find out.


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dostinex is cabergoline. lots of people use it but it is not without risks. google "dostinex heart valve" and read up . test your doc and make sure this is for you.


thanks! this is scary... Not a percentage I want to be in...

Zanettini's group found that about 23 percent of the patients >>taking pergolide had heart valve problems, as did about 29 >>percent of the patients taking cabergoline.

But now i must ask, if this is not the answer to getting your prolactin lowered, what is?


i have had similar problems with my doc, to the point i am dumping him and doing everything on my own. i am pretty much doing what he suggested or "prescribed" me, but at about 1/8 the cost getting fro my own sources, not his overpriced office.


would your insurance not pay? I know just eliminating the hoops is almost worth avoiding the doctors for!