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Getting the Body of a Sprinter for Track


im a high school student who is doing track this year. i have around a 15% body. it is my first time joining a sport and i want to do great at it and get an awesome body too. right now i am a 16 year old 6ft in teenage boy who is skinny fat.

since most of the workouts in track are hiit and cardio based i have decided to bulk up during the off season so i can gain muscle.

imma start cutting around preseason.

is it a good idea to bulk and cut for track. how come some high school sprinters don't have abs at all

i asked some sprinters at my high school if track helped them get a six pack. they said no way at all.


It’s a great idea to increase your strength for sprinting. If you really want to become successful at it, the focus of your training should be tailored to increase performance, not aesthetics. As with all sports, nothing makes you better at that sport than…practicing that sport. Your sprint training should be your primary endeavour with time in the weight room coming second. As a newbie to training, you probably can’t go wrong with a standard linear progression based on compound movements. As long as you are eating enough good food to support your activities, you should get stronger and faster. In terms of the six pack, that is more a function of how lean you are as opposed to how developed your abs are. The nice thing about training for function is that improvements in appearance usually follow. If you throw yourself wholeheartedly into sprinting, you should experience a really nice body recomposition .


[quote]libanbolt wrote:
i am a 16 year old 6ft in teenage boy who is skinny fat.[/quote]
What do you weigh?

[quote]since most of the workouts in track are hiit and cardio based i have decided to bulk up during the off season so i can gain muscle.

imma start cutting around preseason.[/quote]
The preseason should be used to get yourself ready for the “in-season” - when you’ll be running your best. Part of that prep will involve dropping excess fat, sure, but I wouldn’t make fat loss the priority for the preseason. Focus on building strength, muscle, and a base of conditioning in the offseason, but transition to more conditioning (“functional cardio” if you want to call it that) and get ready to run your fastest by the time the races start.

Especially if you’re not training right now, you need to spend time simply building a base, not worrying about bulking or cutting.

Nope. If you want to build muscle, train that way. If you want to join the track team, train in a way that makes you a better track athlete. A side effect of that training will almost-definitely be a better physique, but training like a bodybuilder while wanting to run track will give you very slow, very inefficient progress in both.

Same reason some high school football players, soccer players, and basketball players don’t have abs at all.Defined abs are not required to play well.

I’ve asked high schoolers if SAT prep courses helped them. They said no. However, the fact is that it can play a role in the final product. It’s a factor, not the most important one, but one factor anyhow.


lots of good info from the guys in the conditioning section…

one of the tidbits I picked up was that even the sprinters had to get their lungs first by running longer distances, so if you get winded after 1/2 mile, you probably need to get dun Dun DUNNNN… jogging.



i am 6ft in 165lbs.


[quote]libanbolt wrote:
i am 6ft in 165lbs.[/quote]
Use the info here to setup some kind of structured eating routine:

The good news is that, if you work with your coach to fine tune your technique and stride, you should be able to have a slight advantage over your presumably-shorter competitors. The bad news is that you still have a ways to go to build the muscle and strength that will power you into top speed.

Patience and consistency will get you pretty far. Like I said, if you want to train to be good at track, that’s one thing. If you want to train to get abs, that’s another thing. But either way, you need to start off by building a base, and that means not jumping right into a strict cutting diet.


im sorry for asking this question again but i have just been thinking about this lately. i am a 6ft 1in 165lb teen boy with around a 10 - 15% body fat. for my height and weight i am skinny fat. i am skinny but with belly fat which annoys me because i want to get a six pack, . i am joining track this year. preseason starts in 2 months and regular season starts in 5-6 months.
i want to be a sprinter this year. preferebly the 100m or 400m. since it is currently the off season i sprint by myself 4 days a week. my workout is 10x100m sprints. i have been getting faster ever since i started. last year i was overweight but after a couple of months of working out i got skinnier and healthier. i was expecting to look muscular but i just look skinny now.

My question how would track transform my body.my goal when i finish track this year is to look muscular and ripped with more overall body muscle and abs. i don’t want to stay looking skinny fat anymore. the sprinters i have met at my school are just ripped and shredded.

my other question is how should i be eating. right now i usually eat around 2500 calories. but how much should i be eating during preseason and regular season. since i want to look muscular and ripped i need to be eating right


any one gonna help me with my question


If the sprinters at your school are ripped, then obviously their coach must know what he’s doing.

Why not just ask the coach who can give you actual, personalized advice?


[quote]libanbolt wrote:
any one gonna help me with my question[/quote]
I thought I already did, but I guess I will some more.

I already gave you nutrition advice. Follow that article and absolutely understand that if you do not eat enough every single day (more than enough, sometimes), you’ll perform poorly and see minimal progress.

For training, look into almost anything Dan John has written. He has tons of articles that discuss training athletes, and he’s got a bunch of experience working with high school athletes.


Even if you think you look skinny/skinnier, that fact that you’re getting faster (doing sprints) means there’s probably not much chance you’ve actually lost any muscle. You were probably always that skinny, and you’ve now lost some fat. You’ve still got a belly? So what. Start lifting heavy ass weights, and you’re bound to look better. There’s no magic diet.


Just thought I’d share this.
I nicked/adapted this thing from Christian Thibaudeau:
Walk 30 paces. Sprint back. Repeat twice more.
Walk 60 paces. Sprint back. Repeat if you can without compromising form

IMO it’s a good introduction to spritning. I’d warm up first- maybe five minutes jogging?


Pole Vault instead. That shit got me bigger and more ripped than when I was a sprinter.