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Getting the back!

Alright well i’m trying to find a good way to spray my back with andro. Problem is it’s really hard covering the back, I can usually get the side of my lats a bit, and the center, but the rest doesn’t get much exposure. Any tips?

Here’s what I do: Hit the shoulders. (Some of this gets the back). Then bend forward at the waist like you’re getting free cigarettes in prison. Now reach over your shoulder and spray. Your back is horizontal so the mist just falls where it’s supposed too.

Now for the lower back. I put my hands behind my back, holding the bottle with both hands. The bottle is upright. One hand holds the bottle while the other works the pump. This is easy now and I can apply 70 spays in 30 seconds no problem. Hope this helps.

Or have a chick do it for you.

Or have a chick do it for you. Fair trade, I shave my girl’s back, she sprays me with Androsol.

Another Chris here. Just wanted to second what Shugs said. I can usually get three “lines” of spray across the lower back doing it in the manner prescribed but using different angles and torquing my arms up behind myself. Of course, the absolute BEST way is to have a woman do it for you…