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Getting Testosterone Prescribed


Before starting I would like to make it clear that I am not looking to take steroids.

Would you be able to to contact a physician, claim that yo don't feel like a man and be get prescribed with test. I know they would test your levels and such. I overheard some people talking about this.


Just no.


No doctor will prescribe you test “just because”


Agree with the last two cats. Getting a doctor to even test you will be hard enough with your “good genetics”. Usually they’ll take one look at your and know if a hormone panel is necessary. In fact, it probably won’t happen until you’re in your LATE 20s.


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Could also report this and have you banned.
Legally, no one should be seen as doing anything to assist or encourage you.


[quote]nickyn97 wrote:
Before starting I would like to make it clear that I am not looking to take steroids at this point in my life because I am only 17.

Okay so like I said i’m 17 and I have really good genetics. At some point down the line, maybe after I secure a solid job when I;m in my early 20s, I was thinking about going to my doc and getting him to prescribe me test even though I don’t need it. My trainer said that this alone would get me huge gains. With this prescription I could be producing huge amounts of test for the rest of my life if I stay on it (at least I think). I know that most people stack up on a bunch of drugs, so would prescribed test alone actually blow me up past my genetic potential effectively?

I feel like this is in my best interest because it is legal. I’m a frequent flyer, and security checks would not be optimal. I also don’t want to get bad gear or get arrested haha.

Ditch your trainer, seriously. That’s the best thing you can do. Any idiot who recommends test to a 17 year old is a fraud.


If your genetics are as good as you think they are, you should be able to make considerable progress naturally. I would highly recommend doing this.