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Getting Tested for Low T Today

Hey guys.
Been looking at this site and it’s full of info. A little about me. I’m 25, 6’ tall, 135lbs with my clothes on! I have always been very skinny. I cant grow facial hair or hair on my chest. I have been married for 2 years. For the past year or so, I can’t get in the mood for sex. Its to the point that my wife is getting upset. I researched and found low T may be the cause. I also have been feeling lazy, I can’t really sleep, and can’t gain muscle or weight no matter what.

I am going to a local general practice doctor in about 5 hours and was hoping someone could give me some tips on what I need to say, and what tests to suggest. Any help would be appreciated, as this will be my first time visiting this doc.

Sorry for been late.

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I got blood work done and will have results toward the end of the week. He said basically that my low sex drive could be low T, but me being skinny is fine and I look healthy, just stay away from the beer and fast food.
Here’s my stats updated after I read the sticky:

-25 yrs old
-6 ft tall
-30" waist
-142 lbs
-patches of facial hair, very little chest hair, normal everywhere else
-no fat at all, very skinny
-no health conditions, rarely go to the doc
-no prescription drugs, multivitamin and fish oil daily
-will have lab results by Friday
-I eat 3 or 4 times a day, a lot of fast food and beer.
-train maybe 3 times a week, a lot of heavy lifting at work.
testes don’t really ache, no fever
morning wood sometimes, nocturnal wood never.

Got a call from the doc today and they said everything was normal. Said that my T was 460 (normal 240-8xx) and everything else was normal except for my protein which was 4.8 (normal is x.xx-4.6). They weren’t real specific over the phone so I requested they mail the results to me.
They also said thyroid was normal but didn’t give me any #'s.

I should have the full real #'s by Friday.

I hope someone can figure out what’s going on with my libido and weight. It sucks to be 25, 6’ 140 and no sex drive.

Doctor just called and said my T was normal at 460 (range from 240-8xx). Also said my thyroid was normal, no numbers on that one. The only thing he said was my protein was high 4.8 (normal 1.xx-4.6). I requested they mail me the results since they weren’t to clear on the phone.

I will post the real #‘s as soon as they come in. I hope you guys can help me. It sucks being 6’ tall 140 lbs with no sex drive.