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Getting Tested for Low T at 40


Hello. Been lurking for 3 months. I’m 40 yr old who want s to get tested for low t. My question is are the clinics that are online reputable or should I get tested by a dr that has actuall practice in my state. The low t dr. that is closet to me is hour away and I know I will have to getting blood tests regularly.the one online clinic seems to do everything via online with no personal connection.are they legit or am I throwing money away. Just to be clear just want to get tested as I think I’m low t. I’ve done the real thing in my youth and not looking for cycling. Just wanted to reach out to those who have been down this road. Thanks in advance. I


You can always get your own labs done at privatemdlabs (goggle it). Make sure you have a LabCorp near you.

I did this myself before talking to my doctor. Didn’t want to waste money by paying an office visit fee and the labs through my dr if I ended up not having low T. She accepted the results as it was the same lab (LabCorp) they send the blood work too.

Good luck with your journey.

EDIT: I was 40 when I started my TRT journey too.


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Please pay attention to references to thyroid issues in the stickies as many of the symptoms of low-T are the same as low thyroid function. Expect problems if you have not been using iodized salt.

If you are a member at LEF.com, they also sell Labcorp blood testing. DIY labs are always pay out-of-pocket and you cannot run through your insurance. Available in most, but not all, USA States.

If you go through a doctor, you may not get all of the suggest labs done or if you do, the costs could be quite high.

Do not have high expectations about finding a regular doc who understands diagnostics and treatment. Endocrinologists can be idiots and urologists are typically narrow minded and clueless. The problem is the doctors.


Thanks for your input. If anyone lives in north jersey who can refer me to someone reliable I would appreciate it.


Read this and maybe it will help you find one:


May not be able to do labs there on your own … going from memory.