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Getting taller?

I am 5’6" and just turned 30. I have seen articles about GH and GH supplements which can add 3-6" in height. I was wondering if anyone out there knew of any validity to these claims. If not is there any known way of increasing your height, surgery etc. Desperate.

From what I have read, the companies that claim to sell ‘height growth hormones’ are all scams - the ingredients are usually just a bunch of cheap vitamins.

The only known way to increase your height is a painful surgical procedure which involves breaking your lower leg bones. Ask your doctor if you’re serious about it, but I really don’t see this as a healthy option.

Why do you want to get taller?

Hi there

Don’t underestimate what improved posture can do. Study the Alexander Technique (this will also help you avoid the ‘hunchback’ problem mentioned in an article recently and teach you how to avoid back pain). Applying the technique will help you flatten out excessive curving in your spine and releasing habitual tension in neck and back that might be pulling down your spine and shortening you. As opposed to ideas of forcing ‘good posture’, the technique teaches you to simply release excessive tension at rest and during activity.

It’s been known to add several inches in height, simply by releasing the spine. You certainly feel heaps taller and lighter when you apply the technique. I recently started using it and it’s really changed how I feel and look. No more of that saggy ‘aging’ posture, and I suddenly realise that I wasn’t getting shorter compared to younger people, I was just pulling down my height!

Just get some books on it from the library, and there’s a good DVD at Amazon. You might need private or group lessons, too. But just understanding and applying the concepts will help a lot.

Good luck. This can really help you.

Man you’re taller than me which makes me a certified short ass. I wouldn’t mind being a few inches taller but then again I think I would miss being ME!

You are only 2-3 inches shorter than the average American male. I suggest two things:

  1. Get as big and muscular as possible. While this will not add to your height, you will have something that almost every American male would like. People will envy you!

  2. You can purchase “lifts” for your shoes. I have no idea where, but if you use your search engine you will be able to find them. These lifts will give you an additional 1". That one inch along with the heal of your shoe which gives you another 1/2 inch or so, puts you at 5’ 7 1/2".

  3. It was suggested by another poster: improve your posture. This one thing alone could add an additional 1/2 inch or so. Along with the other suggestions you are now going to be pushing 5’ 8". Whats wrong with that?

If it is any consolation to you most males want to be taller. Those who are 5’ 9" to 5’ 11" want to be 6’. People also want to be richer and better looking.

I say maximize the hand that you are dealt in life, and stop worrying about it! What someone lacks in one area they usually make up for in another area of their life. Think about it!

All The Best To You,


As was previously mentioned, at your age the only way to actually grow is by that surgical procedure that breaks the bones in your legs…and I don’t think that’s worth it. I have the same problem b/c I had some serious medical issues when I was younger that hurt my growth so I’m only 5’5, 21 yrs old. I’ve talked to several doctors to see if anything could be done for me because I always hated being so short. Since my bones already fused, and yours have too at your age, there’s really nothing to do. The posture suggestion though is a good one and I always try to stand up as straight as possible.


you dont wanna make decisions out of desperation though… you may regret them later.

I second Lilith, Jarrod there is no way u can actually grow taller but you can improve your posture and carry your height really well whether it be 5,6 or whatever.

You will be surprised at what having a good posture does for u

You’re 30, so your growth plates have already fused. Growth hormone at this point will only cause acromegaly. Well, let me rephrase that statment: lower doses of GH will have positive effects on body composition, but higher doses chronically administered COULD cause acromegaly. DavidL is right about the painful procedure in which the legs are broken and stretched repeatedly. At 5’6" I doubt you would want to do that.

Once the growth plates have seized together you are screwed. At 30 Id hope you except this by now. Im 5’6" as well, and I look at it as Im much more suited for adding lean tissue and performing strong lifts. I have buddies who are over 6’ and they juice. Theyll come in say they are up over 10lbs but you can never tell. When I add 5lbs from a creatine cylce everyone gets suspicious. Take pride in what you have not what you dont have.

Those supps are crap and absolutely freaking ridiculous. They shouldnt even be able to sell that shit.


You could always grow your hair real long and spike it straight up. Other than that, I think you have maxed out.

Alexander Technique can achieve more than .5 inch. It all depends on how compressed you currently hold your spine. If your neck is habitually pulled back, your shoulders hunched and your lordosis (lower back arch) exaggerated, releasing these tensions can, apparently, achieve a couple of inches! I certainly look significantly taller by straightening up.

One hint: if you try to get taller by lifting your face up, you’re actually compressing your spine and really getting shorter. You need to feel that the crown of your head is moving up, as though pulled up by a string.

try “exten-dor.”