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Getting Taller

Hi everyone,

I am 5’10 and 22 years old and want to get taller. Usually guys stop growing between 22-25 years of age but I started growing later than most kids.( I was 5’ tall as a High School freshman). Anyways, I am projected to kep growing til 26 or 27 and want to sure I can squeeze out every possible inch. I would be very content at 6’…Anyways, what can I do stretch-wise, nutrition-wise, etc that will increase my height growth? My dad is ~5’11 and my grandpa is 6’1 so there is hope genetically. Please share you help.

You may be able to assist the gentic card dealt to you, but only to the most infinitesimal amount, by clean, nutritious eating. I hear fables about hanging and stuff, ala Bobby Brady, but I am skeptical. Supposedly, hanging will decrease disk compression. Quit worrying about it and live as stress free as you can.

train properly to boost GH levels as well as other hormones, and eat like a monster, you need to fuel the growth, don’t get fat. laters pk

Clear out any estrogen in your system, since that’s what causes epiphyseal plate closure. Outta curiousty, who projected you to keep growing until you’re 27?

I think you may have misunderstood what someone told you. While it’s true that bone plate closure isn’t fully completed until about age 26, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to gain any more height. If you’re 22, there’s very little chance that you’ll get any taller. Sorry.

There are various sites on the internet that offer methods to grow taller, just search for grow taller. There are 3 approaches 1. stretching 2. increase growth hormone levels 3. thinking. The stretching involves hanging from bars and reaching high. Methods to increase GH involve exercise to get a GH spike and eating foods rich in arginine e.g. wallnuts and lysine e.g. potatoes (the building blocks of GH). Thinking involves telling/feeling that you are growing taller through the use if mantras. For example as you are stretching say to yourself “I am growing taller” ten times. Such methods are boarder line at best. But if you don’t become upset or obsessive it might be worth a go. I am 193cm 22 years and would love to get to a round 200cm for my own particular reasons. So I do a few vertical stretches a day with mantras and eat lots of potatoes and the odd wallnut.

There is no way to get taller than your genetics allow. Period. You can not reach that genetic limit however through malnutrition and childhood disease. But taller? No. Sorry. You have come to the right place to grow wider however. :slight_smile: