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Getting Taller

I’m 20 yrs old, and 5"5. Although I’m pretty
built for my height, it fucks me off that
my frame/height itself is so fucking small.

Is there any way for ppl like me get taller naturally or un-naturally? I seriously need helpa and advice guys, being a shorty ain’t no fun!


I have not seen results yet,then again,I am not doin what they said I should do.Give it a try.

Nothing naturally…your bones are done growing…i have heard of procedures and i am not kidding about people have their femur bone the bone in the thigh cut a piece out then set so the bone has to form back even longer…i dunno if it works or anything read it in a mens health magazine…you could buy those shoes that have high heals on them…or get those insoles that give ya an inch or two…sorry but not a whole lot to do…just make up for it with muscles and good personality man…good luck…ps marry a tall woman so your kids will be tall lol thats what i need to do

I saw a television show where they do a “limb lengthing” procedure. What is amounts to is that they strap these bars onto your legs and turn the screw a millimeter everyday. The one dude they did it to went from 4’11 to 5’10. He still looked a little odd, but a lot better. While you have these bars on your legs you have to be in a wheel chair, and I’m pretty sure you need to do this earlier in your life. Just thought it was interesting even though it isn’t an option for you.

Question for NuthaOne. I was just wondering what does KIMI tell you to do?

Ask Lee Labrada–he’s 5 ft. 6 in. One built guy. I think shorter men’s musclularity is more noticeable.

Wear it and walk/run/etc continuously for AT LEAST 20 min in day,20 min in evenings…don’t have time for those since I hate cardio like crap.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

But I’m a bit skeptical about that Kimi -growtaller.net- stuff. It sounds like a scam.

I’ve heard of ppl using HGH and getting taller before am not sure if it works. Has anyone tried it?

forget the kimi shit

and i doubt hgh would help much either

if it did, most guys here would be as tall as shaq by now

If you take enough hgh it will make you grow taller. that is why people like andre the giant get so tall-- a disese that causes continual release of hgh. people get taller from taking lots of it. unfortunately, you also end up looking like frankenstein.

Yeah, midgets can get a limb lengthening procedure done, where they break the leg and separate it. It takes a long time to get the height, and you only get a couple inches. I have short thighs, so I’m thinking I might want to do that and get up to 6 feet tall.

Epiphyseal bone closure occurs when you are about 22 (but Ive heard it can occur as early as 20). Steroids cause linear bone growth but they also cause premature epiphyseal bone closure. So if you take it when youre 16, you could end up smaller than youre supposed to be. But if you take them shortly before epiphyseal bone closure naturally occurs, you will be taller than youre supposed to be.

I’m 5’1", there is nothing wrong with a short man. It looks like you are developing the classic Napolean complex - women HATE that, so watch out. Be happy with your height, you never bump your head… (and this T-Vixen LOVES looking a man right in the eye)

Just an FYI-“midget” is derogatory. “Little people” is the non-offensive term.

Lemme give you a “little” advise…

Actualy the politicaly correct term is “verticaly moderated people”…

Don’t think for a second that your height limits you in some way. In track, one of the things that I’ve heard frequently is that the best discus throwers are tall. I’m 5’9", which is “average”, but not considered tall for the event. Some coaches out there decide who has the potential to be a good thrower by examining us like physical specimens. Well, fuck them! I’m not tall or built like CJ Hunter, but I will break through my limitations and make that team nonetheless.

Yeah, I guess if you let it get to you it isn’t good. I had a friend who whenever he would get around girls and get threatened about the height of taller men would try and degrade them to make himself appear better (I assume to make up for his shorter stature.) Needless to say he isn’t a friend anymore if you have to act stupid like that. Be wary of all procedures though because if something actually worked the public would know.

Michael Dirrane, are your statements supportable scientific facts or are they word of mouth? Bill, can androgens really facilitate longitudal bone growth in people who are around 20-21 years of age???

Yes. My statements are scientific facts. The clinical pharmacology for my testosterone gel states “In children, exogeneous androgens accelerate linear bone growth rates but may cause a disproportionate advancement in bone maturation. Use over long periods may result in fusion of the epiphyseal growth centers and termination of the growth process.”
If epiphyseal bone closure has occured, GH and T injections wont do anything for overall linear bone growth.