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Getting Taller (Height)


I am 21 yrs old and started having my growth spurts when I was around 16 yrs old (I was 5’ tall in freshman yr of High school), which I was told means I will continue growing longer than the avg age. I am 5’10" now I was just curious if there is a way to accerelate my growth for a few inches - either eating certain foods proven to help growth or certain supplements. My dad is 5’10" and my grandpa (my mom’s dad is 6’2"). Ive been told that you become the height of your mother’s dad - is that true? Please help me with some advice on the matter

stop masterbating

"Ive been told that you become the height of your mother’s dad - is that true? " i really hope you dont sincerely ask that, i really do. Take roids to quickly reach the end of growin.

Hi there

Unfortunately, there is no know way of increasing height without sergery. Aminos such as glutamine,arginine will raise growth hormone, but apparently won’t help much if your growth plates are fused. Some also claim that spinal stretching can help.Do a search for “growing taller” on the web,there are many sites with stretching info.

I am taller than my mom’s dad…

I don’t know about what to tell you for gaining a few inches in terms of training or diet, but I do know this. Your mother’s father does not determine your height. Both of my grandfathers were a whopping 5’6" before old age started shrinking them, and I am 5’10" almost 11" and my YOUNGER brother is 6’2". So I promise you, you don’t have to look to your grandfathers for you determined height.

Your height is basicly a mixture of how lucky you were in the DNA elimination back as a single cell, and how you conduct yourself throught young life…nothing to do with family history really