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Getting Taller as an Adult on TRT

To me this seems kind of ludicrous as a standalone post but I’m doing it for the benefit of anyone who might search in the future. Also kind of wondering if anybody else has experienced it.

I have been on the standard dose of TRT injections for nearly a year, I am 41 and below average height, and in that time, I grew (taller) by not quite an inch. This is not my imagination. I found out at the doctor, and then confirmed it at home for myself. I don’t have a clue as to what is responsible for the growth (muscles along the spine maybe?) but there you have it.

It is almost certainly from posture change.

Do you mean a strengthening of muscles due to a posture change? Prior to now I couldn’t have made myself this height no matter how I stood even if you offered me a million dollars. In the past, even when I was quite strong and fit and had excellent posture due to martial arts, I was never this height.

There’s no reason for it to produce height gains any other way, as the TRT should seal your growth plates even if somehow they didn’t seal at least 15 years ago. I have seen guys gin height from strength training because they straightened up. One guy in particular gained over 2 inches.

Weird, as I have not done any particular training this last year. I figured the change must be in my spine, however, as nothing else made sense.

Yup I agree. the reason we grow shorter over the years is because of the gravitational compression and posture. Our spine is crunched, our hips move, back, and etc.

TRT helps stimulate Igf-1 and for me that did wonders to my old ailments.

Trt/Estrogen helps with the bone health.

So yes after a good amount of therapy I better be 6-1 again :slight_smile: