Getting T Levels Checked

i have a routine physical coming up, and i’d like to have them check my hormonal profile as well as the standard bloodwork that is normally done. Im not looking for HRT, nor am i post cycle, im just curious. Is this type of test something i can go simply ask for? or do i have to prove some reasoning behind it, either complaining of low libido, inability to concieve etc? i have read thru the many threads, although most of them deal with the results of said bloodwork, and the others seem to deal with trying to obtain HRT, any help fam?

Here you go Bro everything you need to get checked and how to read the results.

thanks bro, i found that article as well. i guess i should clarify my question. does the dr have to comply with my request, or do i have to give him some kind of medical reasoning to do so? regardless wether or not insurance picks up the cost of the test or not, will he still have them done?

Getting your MD to order the tests should not be an issue. The issue will be getting your insurance to pay for the tests since you won’t be getting them for any specific symptom.

You should know that one test will not tell you much as T levels can vary from day to day.

You would need an average level from 3 tests done at the same time of day (early AM) to approximate what your levels are.

Things like calories, sleep, stress, drugs, and alcohol can effect T levels so there is a lot of variability.

I think you would get more bang for your buck getting your C-Reactive Protein levels and Liver function tested.

thanks bugs for answering me…im aware of the variables involved and how one days results can vary widely from the next, but i gotta start somewhere. i googled the c reactive protien as well. honestly at this point my T levels are what im interested in, the physical is just a good excuse to have it done now…