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Getting T Levels Checked in the UK


Has anyone had any experience of convincing a doctor to check your T levels? My doc seems completely against it and will only test cholesterol and other levels of lipids. He also took a look at thyroid levels. He won't get T levels checked. Anyone have any ideas on how to get this done in the UK? Cheers!


What will probably work is saying you want to become a fucking woman, then they'll check your testosterone levels after a few weeks of hormone injections.

...That or go to another Doctor.


If it was an NHS doctor then I'm vaguely staggered that they even did that. Casting chicken bones, use of leeches and warm milky tea is as far as they normally go.

My suggestion would be go private and 'make a scene' if they don't do it. The English hate it when you 'make a scene' and will agree to anything to get you out of there.

BTW. I'm an Aussie living in England...I have started to envy the dead.


Never really had issues getting Testosterone checked. I had issues asking for Estradiol since doctors look at you why you want to check a hormone that females have.

He should really test it if you make a point about it. If not, probably best to see another doctor. What will help is if you tell him your symptoms, and not just that you want test levels checked.


Thanks guys. I have given symptoms to my doc but he just goes through the above. Going to be moving soon so I'll have a new doc and will give it a go then. Take me back to the great white north!!