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Getting Student Loans


Anyone have any advice on getting a decent student loan (decent interest rate) without a cosigner, and almost no credit... :smiley:


Walk over and stand in that long line at the Financial Aid office. That's really about all it takes.


Yup, they'll take care of you.


Federal student loans (best interest rate around) have no credit requirement, as long as you haven't defaulted on a federal student loan in the past.


You know, as simple as that sounds, that usually is all it takes. But, at the same time, it needed to be said. So few people know about the resources out there for going to college.

I know you (doogie) and I have had a similar conversation about this before, but so, so many people are unaware of the ability to pay for college, myself included.

I'm a 29 year old college freshman with a bankruptcy and very average credit and I am going to school now with minimal out of pocket expenses.

I don't know the details of the original poster, but the financial aid office is an excellent place to start.


Well, I guess I should have further explained. I'm already getting my max (dependent) Stafford Loans - Perkins is not available to me and I don't have a parent who will be willing (or able, low credit score) to do a parents plus loan.

So I was looking for information beyond the finacial aid office - They aren't very helpful where I'm from.


I had to get a couple citi-assist loans through citibank for my college payments. Although they do require a co-signer...Have you tried and been denied with your parents as co-signer? I believe they usually are more leniant with financial aid loans....unless you and your parents income is higher, it usually works out that you can take out as much money as required for higher education purposes.

If not, I really don't know what to tell you...if you've already maxed out yours and your parents aren't able to co-sign....

I think the only other thing would be to look into getting a part-time job to help pay for it (if you already don't have one). Check around on campus, they usually work around your school hours.


If your parents apply for the parent plus loan and are rejected for it, you can then get unsub. stafford loans. I had to do this.


OSAP in canada (ontario)


Go here:
and fill out the application. Follow up at the financial aid office after you get your SARS report mailed to you (assuming you sent the application out).

If you have a record of a drug related offense, you may have a hard time getting federal loans though.