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Getting Stuck Midway on Full Squat


when Im doing full (high bar) squats im getting stuck midway (parrelel or just above) on the lift. Im not bouncing out of the bottom and as soon as I pass that point I can really accellerate the weight. Its pretty frustrating as I feel like im hitting a wall soon as I get there. Any advice on what this might likely be would be great thanks.


I'd recommend Box Squats with the box right where you are weak. Sit on to the box to a dead stop and drive out with no bounce.


It could be a form issue, elbows flaring back, head looking down, or something else. It's really hard to say without a video. If you posted one it would be much easier to analyze


Its normal, just keep squatting.


Get stronger


I think thats kind of a given.
I probably wont be able to get a vid for a little bit but as far as my elbows and my form I keep them down and my chest stays upright until after being stuck at that point for a minute in which I start to fatigue and roll over a little. When this happens I ussually have an easier time finishing the lift. So Im starting to think it may be a quad strength issue? Thanks for all the help so far.


You're getting stuck just above parallel?

Show of hands from everyone who squats below parallel and when they don't get smashed at the bottom find just above parallel to be the hardest point....

shows hand

My point is, that's where the transition happens, and provided you actually come out of the hole, that's where you're probably always gonna get stuck with challenging weights.


Strengthen your hips. If I miss a weight, it's usually anywhere from 1-3" above parallel. If I can get past that sticking point, I can lock the weight out.


That's a common sticking point, no doubt. My .02:

-train your ab/ductors. that helped me.
-mentally focus on increasing velocity out of the hole, this will help you drive through that sticking point.

I personally do not feel that box squats help this sticking point, speed out of the hole and good form helped me more.

Best of luck!


okay didnt think it was that common thanks for all the advice oh and any advice on where to get a weight sled?


Box squats or stalls will help with stability in the hole; but I agree with the above post. Speed!-Speed!!-Speed!!!


Hey I have the same problem, except for my front squat (high bar olympic). So I've doing squats with the pins right above parallel and then starting the squat from the bottom. I've also decreased the weight to about 50% and used bands for the same lift to focus on accelerating through the sticking point (speed). Give these ideas a try.



elitefts is a great place to get a sled.

I agree that speed is your best option. Box squats with bands helped me immensely to correct this sticking point. Also RLESS as assistance work help to keep your hips stable at that point. Some lifters have a tendency to lose tightness there.


try few weeks of box squats
also safety squat bar, if you can get one


It is like this for every single person. This is the hard part of the lift.


Let out a little air when you hit that transition.

Should help speed things up.


I don't think people will like this post. It doesn't involve the use of box squats or bands. ;/


Yeah. Everybody knows that no one ever got a big squat without bands, chains, and boxes. Dumbass.


I didn't say bands and a box squats wouldn't help, far from it. Just that hanley's point seemed to be the most valid when it came to the "sticking point" that every lifter on planet has when handling a certain poundage on any lift.

You can use bands and chains to get through it (no shit), but then you're gonna add more weight, and find that you have this magical sticking point following you. It's normal and its always gonna be there when you add more weight.

Not sure what's with the rude tone of your post, did mine sound sarcastic or something?