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Getting Stronger



I've been lurking this site for quite a while now and i thought it might be a good idea to start posting instead of just reading. I started lifting 2 years ago and have moderate success. Stats for Oct. 2011:

6'1, 190 lbs.

Deadlift 335
Squat 315
Press 135
Bench 225

Currently i use WS4SB (part 3) as my program of choice. I am also an avid golfer, however my swingspeed is a little low (just at 100 mph, i guess somewhere between 105-110 would be more appropriate). I guess i just lack speed in general. So far i just try to implement some golf specific plyometrics (medicine ball toss etc.) in my "dynamic lower body". However i hardly notice any improvements. Should i swith to another programm or just keep rolling?

Thank youvery much


Golf swing starts at the ankle. Have your form checked first.

Please explains "moderate success". What are your goals? Apart from the golf swing.


Thanks for your post JFG

Well i just was weak and chubby, now i'm stronger and leaner. As far as goals go, i just want to be more athletic in general , have more endurance etc.

My golfswing has good form , i just feel like im holding back on speed / could swing a lot faster if my body was used to fast motions.


this link from Eric Cressey he states that to get fast in a sport lift to get strong and let the sport training make you fast.


I tried the complex training that was mentioned in the article and well i was kind of surprised how well it worked on my nervous system. I added about 5 pounds to my bench press instantly and they seemed much easier.

Any opinions on some propriceptive training on my "non" days of? I thought i might add some work here since golf also requires some balance.


I seriously would just stick to WS4SB. Work on flexibility.

Have your swing analyzed. Has I said, your swing starts at the ankle. Once you know your weakness, use your days accordingly to "fIx" the problem.

Now, here is the kicker. Once you fix something, something else will go out of wack. Very important to keep an eye on that.