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Getting Stronger Without Growing More Muscle

Hi coach, I have really large legs compared to upper body, and I don’t want to grow them anymore at all. How can I keep making strength gains on squat and dl, without growing more muscle?

Train your lower body like a strength athlete + Trian your upper body like a bodybuilder = stronger lower body and bigger upper body

That is correct. I’m actually doing this myself but because a shoulder injury prevents me from pressing heavy.

Essentially things like this for your lower body:

3/2/1 waves (1 x 3/1 x 2/1 x 1/1 x 3/1 x 2/1 x 1/1 x 3/1 x 2/ 1 x 1)
5-8 sets of 3 at around 85-88%
6-10 sets of 1 at around 90-92%
5/4/3/2/1 (adding weight on every set)
Heavy partials
Keeping your work sets under 15 seconds of time under tension

A lot of times I’m actually the opposite unfortunately. My freaking legs just don’t like to grow. I have to work them double time for it to catch up with my upper body. Big triceps, big traps… Bird legs…