Getting Stronger in Squat, DL, BP, OH Press, Chin Up/Row?

I’m struggling to find any intermediate/advanced program that focuses on getting stronger on those lifts equally, most of them, like 5/3/1 focuses on Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Overhead Press, but the pulling exercises are neglected or programmed as assistance. I like programs that focuses on getting bigger by getting stronger.

Thank you.

531 is just a rep/set scheme. Jim Wendler has spoken out against using 531 for Barbell Rows, but if you feel strongly, you can use it on other lifts outside of the main 4 (even rows). An influential poster called Cephalic_Carnage used to post here years ago and would often use 531 on other lifts.

Also, you could always just do any sort of bodypart split or upper/lower where rows/chins are a main movement (whether on Back Day, an Upper Day, a Pull day, etc.). As part of my physical therapy, I have to do rows and lat pulldowns 1 to 2 times a week and do my best to progress in reps or weight each time. That’s what bodybuilders have been doing since… forever lol.

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Ditto what @startingagain said about you can progress any lift however you want.

Typically you won’t see rows/ chins programmed the same way as some of the other big movements because a “rep” is more subjective - I can do a lot more cheating on my rows, so chasing numbers may not do me the same favors.


If I didn’t compete in powerlifitng, I wouldn’t deadlift at all and would progress my Bent Over Row instead, along with high rep RDLs.

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Max weight rows/chins turn into total circus act abominations compared to the squat, bench, dead and press. That’s why they’re not programmed the same.

If you want to make your pulls as strong as possible, focus on cleans.

And, in turn, do Jon Andersen’s Deep Water program, because it does just that.


There it is.

One day, I’ll finally do Deep Water and see what all the fuss is about…

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Take a shot!

Each lift you mentioned gets it’s own day in this routine. The actual sets/reps are kind of lost somewhere in the middle of this article.

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