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Getting Stronger for Football

Im a football player. I’ve been looking to get stronger before the season starts in a few weeks. With school just starting and football going on I dont get done untill about 6:30pm. The routine I was on hasnt been working for me . I dont feel stronger at all.

Ive been on the routine for about 3 and 1/2 weeks… My current bench press is 295, squat is 445 and i dont know my dead lift max.
Can anyone help me with a routine that will help me increase my strength before my first game.I have a bench press(very nice one with 300lb set.) and a pair of 30 pound dumbells. not much to work but any advice would be helpful.

Before anyone has a chance to jump down your throat…
What is the rough breakdown of your routine?
Why do you think it’s not working after only 3 and a 1/2 weeks?

Do you have access to anything other than the bench and dumbells? How often?

What are your goals strengthwise? What would you consider “good” progress?

Why don’t you know what your deadlift is?

Not to bash you, but you should have been lifting all summer to prepare for football season. It’s a little bit late now. Now is the time to back off of the heavy stuff and save it for the field, or you risk overtraining and possibly injury. When the season is over, get back to it hard and heavy to prepare for next year.

Deads and powercleans need to be primary lifts for you. I’m assuming you’re a lineman. These lifts will give you the power you need off the snap.


[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:

Excellent programs. The in-season program listed there seems perfect.

Your not going to get stronger in a few weeks. Are you a starter? Varsity? If your Jv or not a starter and not a senior, I would lift your ass off and not worry about the game too much. I would work hard now and try to get stronger for next year and actually try to be a big role player.

I would also join a gym, a bench and dumbbells is not that much to work with. A cheap 24 hour fitness is not that expensive like 20 something a month. Then do a basic strength program, like westside, starting strength, ext.

If you are a starter now and helping your team a lot and play a lot, then just try to maintain your strength.

Your season will start soon, and gaining strength should not be your focus. Maintaining is. With all the practicing and conditioning, you will be lucky to not get overtrained if you try to add some strength. The off season is where you work on this.

Yea im starting varsity noseguard. thanx for the tips. maybe im just too late to start doing this. thanx guys.

you improve on your conditioning and go light with frequent brief workouts on your routine for the in season training - no more than 30 mins, 3-4 times a week.

Other than that, you’d should look emphasis on unilateral lower body workouts like single squats, single leg dl and agility and reactive training.

When your off season, you can go all out to recover from overuse in your sport.